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18 / Male / Single
Oye oye
There's your personal chargebolt here!!
Idk what to say, so, if u wanna talk or role just pm me, I'm here for ya babe.

I'm shy so I can't start a conversation, mlem ;;

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//sorry if I didn't reply today, I have been busy with the university and other stuff and ugh sorry I love you allā¤
4  Oct 12th 2019 17:43

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Ah ya know...lots of crap going on's been well!
Oct 10th 2019 17:44

Yea! What's been going on dude?! *She smirks and smiled*
Oct 10th 2019 17:41

Heya denki! Nice to see ya dude!
Oct 10th 2019 17:33

I'm Elora. How can I help you?
Oct 10th 2019 16:19