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(Ciri Rinnan)
27 / Female / Single
Michigan - United States
Full Name: Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon.
Alias: Lion cub of Cintra, Falka, Zireal(Sparrow), Ashen one, Ugly(by elves), Lady of space and times, Princess of Cintra and Nilfaard.
Age: Sixteen to early twenties. Depends on the role play.
Gender: Female.
Species and nationality: Human/Elder blood/Cintrian and Elven.
Physical Traits: Ashen hair, pale skin with freckles, emerald eyes, and a scar on the left side of her face(Fixed depending on the story line).
Family: Emhyr var Emreis(Biologic father), Pavetta(Mother/deceased), Geralt of Rivia(Adoptive Father and Father figure), Yennefer(Adoptive mother), Triss Marigold(Sister figure), Grandparents(Deceased).
Abilities: Immense magic due to her elder blood if her emotions get out of hand. Skilled in swordsmanship and combat from training at karen morhen and immense knowledge of monsters and curses.
Relationships: --None to speak of.
Status: --single/alive.
Sexuality: bisexual/leans more towards men.

Latest Status

Been under the weather still sick with a virus. I promise I have not forgotten about my role play responses. With my diseases sometimes I am healthy and replying constantly and other times not.
1  Jan 18th 2022 10:35

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