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22 / Female / Engaged
New Hampshire - United States
"For one hundred years I stood my watch amidst the sombre shadows of the Sanctum Imperialis. I was still as a statue, but always ready, always attuned to dangers unseen. Days, months, years passed by in a frenzied blur beyond those walls, yet within, little moved and nothing changed. For one hundred years I did naught but wait, yet had any threat appeared, I would have struck it down in a heartbeat. For one hundred years I stood my watch, and as it ends I can tell you this – patience is a weapon."

Hail, friends! You may call me Elaine. I’ve been roleplaying for quite a while now, several years. I started with tabletop and soon that turned into LARP and now I’m here. I enjoy long roleplays and I enjoy detailed roleplays, with complex characters and interesting plot points. I have a set of rules in my blog, but these are my preferences with roleplays. Fantasy, Grim Dark, Sci-Fi, Modern, and Romance are all acceptable to me as well as some anime inspired roleplays. I will only do OCs, and I’d prefer if you did OCs only as well. Speaking of which, character profiles will be in my bio but give me time since I like creating detailed characters. Make sure to check out my rules in my blog and pay attention to my status updates for my mood or for any general messages to those I’m roleplaying with. See ya later!

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