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(Jack Hargreeves)
29 / Male / Engaged
United Kingdom
I love you, Alice Blackwood

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Hello fellow people, I’m Thor Odinson!

@Sparklefingers @Sparklefingers

Share me out and I’ll take you to a planet!
0  Apr 3rd 2019 15:38

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okaspen asked the question
Q. *texts* hey
A. *texts* hi
 Mar 19th 2019 19:30

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Emma smiles nodding slightly,” Hello Jack , I’m Emma..”
Mar 30th 2019 10:23

hi there
Mar 24th 2019 15:28

That’s good to hear”
Mar 23rd 2019 15:25

“Hey! I’m good” Alice smiled “what about you?”
Mar 23rd 2019 15:23

Diego looked over his shoulder and scoffed before turning back to his desk, his knife scratching his initials into the wood ,no doubt in his mind father would be displeased. " What do you want, eight?"
Mar 19th 2019 19:39

Her face goes red, hesistating before she nods. “O-okay...”
Mar 17th 2019 10:23

“It’s alright, I wouldn’t seem to think of you as one~” She giggled a little bit, covering her mouth as she looked back at him. “Well, you definitely don’t seem like one.”
Mar 17th 2019 10:09

“It is nice to meet you too Jack. I’m Elise but you can always call me Eli,” She has a light blush on her face, smiling.
Mar 17th 2019 10:00

Her gaze suddenly moves toward Jack, waving as she smiled at him. “Hello”
Mar 17th 2019 09:55

She giggled “it might be”
Mar 17th 2019 09:55