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15 / Female / In a Relationship
A Town, United States
Hiya, I'm not new to this site at all. My old account got deactivated for obviously not being active so I decided to start a new one. I do have a few rules and boundaries that I would like you to read and please respect. Once in a while, I will add more if I think of it, etc.


- Don't start off a roleplay right away like let's talk about it first then jump into it

- I prefer to do romance roleplays so I gotta state, whats in roleplay stays in roleplay

- don't be a racist, homophobic, etc ass

- if you don't respond to my message after 3 months that will be an unfriend unless our roleplay was really good and I am desperate

- don't you leave me hanging, if you don't like our roleplay please state that because we can start a new one or part ways

- if you wanna know about er*t*ca stuff ask first before roleplay, please

- don't want me to curse please give me a heads up, along with other triggers and stuff because I can't read peoples minds

- If you have nothing on your profile I will not accept your friend request

- I don't roleplay just for sex aight?

- I personally am not a furry type of person, I don't have an issue with it you do you but its not my thing


- I don't like references to rape and stuff it's a slight trigger to me

- I will not share any personal info so don't ask (that includes number, insta, etc)

- I have anxiety and depression meaning that sometimes I'm not up to responding instantly so please don't spam after like an hour

- my time zone is EST so keep that in mind and don't stress out if I don't respond during your timezone mornings

Please respect this stuff and if you don't ill give you a heads up and if it happens again ill give another reminder and after that, you're done. so basically 2 warnings before termination of our roleplay.

If you are coming to tell me about the hate account, I already know about it but I appreciate you trying to inform me.

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A. yerpp
 Dec 5th 2021 00:43

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Thank for the request! I gladly look forward to a potential RP with ya! GRCWAQ Out!
Dec 5th 2021 01:16