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21 / Female / Single and Looking
United States
Add me and message me if you want to either chat or roleplay! I would be grateful if you read my rules that can be found in my blog post. ^^

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Nov 25th 2019 00:48

IM BACK! I am SOOOOOOOO SORRY i have been gone for 10000 years. College keeps you busy but I am finaly free and will be for a while
Nov 21st 2019 16:05

I'm not sure If I sent you the request or if you sent it to me...anyways, I would love to roleplay with you. I don't want you to be a number on my friends list. We both share a common interest in Romance MxM.
Sep 27th 2019 08:13

Hello, Lucifer..
Mar 7th 2019 22:51

You okay?

Can we RP again sometime?
Feb 25th 2019 16:39

Jan 22nd 2019 01:02

Heyyyy~. Thanks for accepting me~. Hope we can discuss some roleplay plots soon~.
Aug 23rd 2018 20:26

Hello. Thanks for accepting my friend request
Aug 18th 2018 10:20