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(Edelgard von Hresvelg)
20 / Female / Single
United Kingdom

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Jul 18th 2020 10:29

You're the worst kinda thot. The one that won't give me discounts at your workplace
Jul 8th 2020 10:00

"Activating greeting protocol! Hello there friend! I'm glad to have you as a friend and please don't mind my big ol' friend he's silly. Anyway! Please if you ever wish to talk or RP shoot a message!"
Jul 3rd 2020 16:51

Able to rp this morning?
May 25th 2020 09:52

Hello my name is sh*ttyjoke but you can call me joke anyway if you want to rp or talk I'm your man so yeah good luck on this site and thanks for the request
May 16th 2020 00:06