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19 / Female / In Love
Hello friends, and welcome to my profile! I am looking for strong, detailed partners to write with. I love anything historical, fantastical, or magical - I also love a sprinkling of romance here and there, though I have a hard rule of "no" when it comes to ERP.

I can be a bit picky when it comes to my partners. While I don't claim to be perfect (in fact, I'm far from it!), I appreciate fellow writers with a strong grasp on grammar, punctuation, and detail. I'm a multi-para writer (2 to 8 well-sized paragraphs generally), occasionally bordering on novella depending on my partner's abilities and tastes. I do believe in quality over quantity, though I find it difficult to build an interesting and engaging story out of one-liners. I also find it difficult to read replies filled with typos that could have been easily corrected via proofreading; I would rather you spend a week crafting a detailed, well-written reply than an hour writing a lacklustre, poorly written one.

I believe that roleplaying is a team effort. I will wholeheartedly contribute my efforts and ideas when developing a plot and its characters. I expect my partners to do the same. I want to hear your thoughts and opinions, as I want the both of us to enjoy our story!

If you add me, please message me first. If I add you, I will message you first within the first few days of you accepting my request. If I do not hear anything from you and I see that you have been active, I will remove you. I have no interest in collecting friends just for the sake of having a long list of them.

I work multiple jobs, attend university courses, and have a fairly busy life outside this site. If I will be away for an extended period of time, I will give you a heads-up. I would appreciate the same. I will always be very understanding, so take as long as you need before returning to writing!

If we've begun a story and you find that you're no longer interested, please tell me so that we can either try something new or stop. I understand that sometimes ghosting is easier than having an awkward conversation, but I promise I would never be hurt by such a conversation, nor would I judge you or blame you.

I know this sounds like quite a lot, but I promise I am very friendly and welcoming! I truly cannot wait to write with you all.