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20 / Female / Single
New Zealand
This is primarily a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure account, but I'm always open to discussing other canon-based or original plots.

Just to be clear, this is JJBA INSPIRED, meaning I only borrow ideas and concepts from that universe. Any characters, Stands, settings, or other RP details must be original, possibly with a few minor exceptions regarding side characters or subplots.

As far as non-JJBA plots go, I'm open to other anime like SAO, Fairy Tail, NGNL, AoT, and Demon Slayer. I'm also fine with non-anime things, but I can't think of many, so just ask me if you have an idea and I'll let you know what I think.

In more general terms, my favorite genres are Action, Adventure, Apocalypse, Fantasy, Isekai, Medieval, Romance, and Slice of Life, though I'm open to many others. For Romance, I only do FxF. I'm not attracted to males.

You can find a few of my characters in my blogs, but I'll only use those upon request or for reference for a specific character I make for our RP.