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independent portrayal of carol danvers.

repost. add. message.

[ @sparklefists ]
1  Jun 22nd 2021 11:31

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Sam moved Elle's hands as he walked past her crossing his arms "I DID GIVE A SH*T BUT NO MATTER WHAT I THOUGHT OR FELT OR SAID I FELT LIKE IT WAS THE WRONG THING AND I WOULD MAKE YOU CRY!" Sam was frustrated and in tears "I loved you Elle I did but I was pushed away and I loved Steve but he wanted someone else and so I moved on just like I moved on from her!" Sam grabbed his keys and walked out the door getting into his car and drove off fast.
Mar 31st 2021 19:33

Sam threw his arms up looking at Elle "Go ahead you'd be doing me and everyone a favor Elle."
Mar 31st 2021 19:26

Sam pulled up looking around as he slowly got out of his car and knocked on her door his arms crossed as he looked around.
Mar 31st 2021 19:23

Same looked at his phone and sighed getting in his car and drove to Elle's.
Mar 31st 2021 19:18

"Elle call me or message me please it's urgent."
Mar 20th 2021 14:23