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4  Jun 15th 2021 23:49

Latest Questions

HAVEN asked the question
Q. Is everything okay?
A. I'm okay, thank you for worrying :)
 Apr 3rd 2020 23:59

Indica asked the question
Q. (would you like to continue?)
A. yes, I am sorry I went out last night and feel like sh*t but I will work on a reply.
 Feb 8th 2020 20:20

Latest Comments

You're my world baby.
May 18th 2021 00:12

I love you!
May 17th 2021 23:54

I'm not hating! I'm wanting to help babe!
Apr 23rd 2021 10:20

Haha your needs some work. :p let me glow it up for ya! :p
Apr 21st 2021 20:05

You're stuck with me so you'll be seeing me everyday babe. Like it or not. ;p
Apr 19th 2021 05:57

Baby I can't wait either. I'm so excited but also desperate for it all haha. I don't want no one else but you sweetheart. Only you. I love you so so so much!
Mar 29th 2021 20:31

I love you and adore you.
Mar 26th 2021 20:53

I love you more than anything my king<3
Mar 23rd 2021 07:30

Baby when do you want to go to Brazil? I'll have to let my agent know soon if we decide when.
Feb 18th 2021 01:36

I said 'short getaway amor:p we can plan to go though! Have you been before?
Feb 12th 2021 21:35