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DwindlingEmbers's Blog

The Broken Vet

Name: Emerson Blaze

Face Claim: Lasse Matberg

Genres: Supernatural, Futuristic, Slice of Life, Action, Horror/Survival

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Nationality: American

Age: 27-32

Species: Human

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 240lbs

Body Type: Thick/Built

Hair color: Blonde

Eyes: Light Grey

Skin type: Smooth

Skin tone: Healthy, Fair

Noticable features: Em has a lot of marks on his body some intentional some not. Intentional marks include a number of tattoos across his body. Other marks include scars from firefights and a scar on his left knee from a knee replacement surgery.

Positive Traits: Good sense of Humor albeit dark, organized, goal/task driven, Brave

Negative Traits: Can be rigid or overly strict at times, pessimistic, Mood swings, stubborn

Religion: Asatru/Heathenry (Norse Pagan)

Occupation: EMT/Paramedic

Health: Mostly in good health, has issues with his left shoulder due to a grenade injury and issues with both knees from being an Airborne Ranger. Psychologically:Suffers from Depression Survivor's guilt, and Severe PTSD.

History/Background info: Enlisted into the US Army at 17, becoming an Airborne Ranger. Married at 21 divorced at 24. He continued to serve as a Ranger Medic with distinction until forcibly separated from the Army, discharged medically due to injuries to his knees. He wasn't ready to retire though his body was falling apart. Afterwards he applied his training to become a first responder and continue saving lives as a paramedic.
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Prince of Luxuria

Name: Embersy Knight

Face Claim: Gwilym Pugh

Genres: Supernatural, Horror/Survival, Ancient, Medieval, Slice of Life, Action

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Nationality: Atlantean

Age: Unknown appears mid- late 20's

Species: Demon/Devourer

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 212lbs

Hair color: Bright fiery red

Eyes: Deep piercing blue

Skin type: Smooth

Skin tone: Pale-freckled

Noticable features: a large blood red rose is tattooed on his back,; the symbol of House Luxuria beneath which in maroon lettering is its motto: radix malorum est cupiditas

Good Traits: Fierce, Brave, Adventurous

Negative Traits: Forgetful, Holds grudges, Lustful

Health: In great physical health, however suffers severe amenesia suffers severe memory loss.

Powers: Controls feelings of pleasure, can induce euphoria or drain any and all pleasure from a person he makes physical contact with. Teleportation. Enhanced speed amd strength. Can make people divulge their greatest desires if they look in his eyes. Shapeshifting.

Sealed Soul: Born a walking black hole his devouring powers have been sealed with a portion of his soul, resulting in Severe memory loss

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