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(Salem Williams)
29 / Male / Single
Louisiana - United States

1. If you're a racist, DO NOT think about sending me a friend request. This is a no racism zone!
2.My character is straight, but I will do roleplays with people of LGBTQ community. I have nothing against that community.
3. Drama is allowed if the roleplay calls for it.
4. Don't rush me to reply to you. If you that type of person, don't add me. I have a life outside of roleplay. If I don't reply in a certain amount of days then you can give me a nudge or ask me to reply.
5. Most importantly, have fun. I don't care about length of a roleplay reply.

Discord: Chaotic Conspiracy#2129
Kik: Corruption._
Other profile: @hellbound_psychopath

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RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Yes I did. Thank you.
 May 31st 2020 21:14

Latest Comments

I love you too baby always and forever
Nov 23rd 2020 18:11

"crazy for you too" she said and looks into his eyes
Nov 19th 2020 02:35

"you are so crazy but I love it" she kissed him again
Nov 19th 2020 02:33

What you wanted do? "she asked with a smiles as she had her arm around his shoulder and her other on his chest as she kissed him passionately
Nov 19th 2020 02:28

She laughed and grabbed him by his shirt to pull him closer "nope I love you how you are no red needed"
Nov 19th 2020 02:24

So you found and Angel? And what say us that now that the Angel have to look for her devil " she teases him with a big grin
Nov 19th 2020 02:18

She turn and looks at him "well hello Mister did you take the wrong path" she asked teasingly
Nov 19th 2020 02:14

Where are you baby
Nov 8th 2020 13:40