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I'm normally not a picky person but I will state this profile was made for my Dragon age Inquisition oc and I don't have plans to do any others. It is fine if someone wishes to rp and doesn't know Dragon age I can help work through it since it is fantasy based.

as for rules:

* I don't do FxF rps. I can do MxF and MxM but I am a bottom.

* I only do roleplay. There will NOT be any IRL talk or getting to know the admin no matter what.

*I only roleplay here. I will NOT be handing out discord or any other social medias. Don't ask.

* This is an open minded profile. LGBTQ+ and Furry/anthros are welcomed to add me. If that makes you uncomfortable, bro. Don't add me and keep your opinions to yourself. c:

*I do have a tendency to vanish for some time. The admin is an adult and has to sadly do that adult stuff so be patient. Admin will answer when able.


* If you send the request then you send the first message and vice versa.

* No futas. No exceptions. Just not my cup of tea.

More rules will be added eventually. Do me a favor and hit the heart so I know the rules were read otherwise I might not reply.
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Dirthara Lavellan

Pronounced (Durth-ara) (Sul-eh-veen)

Age: looks to be in her mid or late 20s.

Height: 5'2 or 157.48 cm

Appearance: Dirthara is a rather pale elven woman with snow white hair and abnormally vibrant green eyes that stand out in harsh contrast to her other features. Normally, she is seen dressed in a thin blue wardrobe when out in the field with refusal to wear shoes as she claims it stops her from feeling the energy of animals and plants around her.

Abilities: Rift Mages manipulate the Fade and the Veil and uses them both as a resource to produce powerful magic. Rift Mages take their mastery of the Fade to the next level with this specialization, allowing them to use powerful offensive spells or dragging and throwing their opponents across the field like rag dolls.
She mainly prefers to provide protection and healing for her parties, but when pushed, Dirthara is able to protect and defend when needed.

Family: There is her clan but Dirthara most cares for her twin brother, Sulevin.

Name meaning: Dirthara is elven for Wisdom. Sulevin is elven for Purpose.
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