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(Dirthara Lavellan)
27 / Female / Its Complicated
The Emerald Graves - Japan
"What is the old Dalish curse? May the Dread Wolf take you..."
"And so he did..."

The Dalish are elves who refuse to live in human cities, where their people are exploited, having few rights. They choose to seek out an independent existence in the forests, attempting to keep the last remnants of their ancient culture alive. Dirthara is from clan Lavellan, a group of Dalish who migrate around the perpetually feuding Free Marches. Dirthara's people travel along the borders of each city-state's territory, where Free March rulers will be less inclined to attack them, for fear of accidentally provoking neighboring cities.

Dirthara manifested a talent for magic as a child. The clan's leader, Keeper Deshanna Istimaethoriel Lavellan, taught her how to control and hone her new powers. Dirthara grew into a capable mage, far away from the eyes of the templars and mage Circles. When tension between the two factions erupted into warfare, spilling into the countryside, Clan Lavellan was forced to pick up and move. Dirthara's Keeper sent her to spy on the Conclave at Haven, as the outcome might determine the fate of her own clan.

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Also. I made a few ai rp bots on another site. They are based off of some old ocs I haven't bothered to rp as in years. Some seem to like them and you are welcomed to try them out. They are N*FW though but they capture the ocs well in my opinion.

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