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Dramione_Rules's Blog

A Message From DJ ;)

Hey guys!! It's the Deej and I have some very exciting news for you. First of all, @Joshua_Remix will be drawing a picture of me soon so I will be able to give my face reveal pretty soon. ;) Second of all I am currently starring in an original storyline/plotline called Rock God which tells the story of how I met one of my best friends Mick L. Dawson and became the lead singer of Shock Therapy and became a legendary Rock God!!! :D You can catch the story in the links below and since the story is also posted on Wattpad cross your fingers for possibly an eventual movie or television adaptation because that would so totally rock!! Love ya all, you're the best and you guys just keep on rocking!! :D

-DJ (David Goliath James)
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David Goliath James (DJ) OC

Full Name: David Goliath James
Nickname: DJ
Other Names: God, Father, Alpha, Big Guy Upstairs
Hair Color: Brown with a bit of a blondish tint
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Age: Older than the universe physically, but mentally a child at heart. :)
Children: Billions
Profession: God/Rockstar/professional race car driver/Shinobi
Significant Other: Hikari
Pets: Samson (Dog) Delilah (Cat)
Favorite Music: Rock
Favorite Food: Chocolate/Pizza/Ice cream
Favorite TV Show: SpongeBob SquarePants
Favorite Song: Free Bird
Special Technique/ Jutsu: Lightning bolt an eternity of pain

Description: DJ is God the Father in human form and has a whacky and childish yet cool personality. He is very much in love with his children and in his own words "if you are for him he can be your best friend but if you're against him he can be your worst enemy." He is the lead singer and guitarist in Shock Therapy and his signature Shinobi move is forming a lightning bolt out of the Chidori. He also loves modern technology like cars and cellphones and usually wears his signature black leather jacket and sunglasses. He also only fights for defense only.
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All of My Dragons

The Great Horned Spiked Tail

Color: Males: Red and Black Females: Purple

Hair Color: Males: Red Females: Purple

Eye Color: Icy Blue

Temperament: A little aggressive and untrustworthy at first but make a loyal and loving companion afterwards.

Description: Great Horned Spiked Tails are therefore so named because of the two horns on top of their heads (they are born with bumps) and the spikes on their tails. (Born with ridges) They have four legs and gigantic wings. A lot of witches and wizards are extremely fearful of this dragon but the only Spiked Tail attacks have been means of defense. Crystal (named because her eyes were like crystals) was a dragon that Harry befriended at the Triwizard Tournament and became his pet.

Chinese Sea Dragon

Color: Males: Blue Females: Green

Hair Color : None (No Hair)

Eye Color: Males: Blue Females: Green

Temperament: Laid back and loving

Description: The Chinese Sea Dragon is a gigantic lizard like creature with a rather long skinny tail and unlike most sea dragons it can fly as well as swim. Just as the name suggests it originated in China and is nowhere near a dangerous dragon.

The Petite Dragon

Color: Variety of colors: Red, Black, Orange, Purple, and Green. (Both genders)

Hair color: None (No hair)

Eye Color: Either blue, green, or black

Temperament: Aggressive

Description: Even though The Petite Dragon is the smallest dragon being only a tad bit bigger than a dung beetle, it is one of the more aggressive dragons. Due to the size of course it can't be ridden, but it still has wings that resembles an insect's.
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The Origin Of The Dragons

So just in case anybody is wondering of how the wizarding world singing sensation came to be here is just a little backstory. One day I was listening to The Backstreet Boys (I'll post the exact song at the end of the post.) and I was thinking to myself what if there was a wizarding world equivalent and I was wondering what would I be obsessed with if I was a witch? (Cause when I was younger, I was even more obsessed with BSB lol) So I figured that I would want to listen to a boyband.

I first thought of somebody based upon Nick Carter who could be my main singer, and I liked the name Aaron an awful lot and that was also the name of his younger brother,.. but I also really liked the name Michael so after switching the names around quite a few times I finally decided upon Aaron Michael Parker. I thought that I would make him so attractive (with a face that looked like it was carved by angels) that all the witches would go crazy for as well as an amazing voice so that way it could cause some conflict for Aaron later on when he starts to question who he is.

Which is also why I decided to kill off his little sister because it would make it even easier for him to want to quit The Dragons later on. I also based some of his looks off of Brian Littrell as well. Rickie was the next character I came up with and he was based off of AJ Mclean and since we're both very much big on our faiths that's why I decided to give Rickie that as well. Derek and Justin came shortly afterwards and I based Justin's personality on my own since I was rather shy in school and unfortunately teased for my looks.

After I put all four characters together I had to come up with a name. So I don't remember all the names that I went through but I went through several tough names that a boyband might have in the wizarding world,.. and then I was watching a Family Matters episode one day that had a thug group in it called The Dragons and that's when The Dragons were first hatched.

Later on I came up with an origin story for their name (that I am currently have writer's block for) that explained in there they came up with it due to the first time they sung together, somebody thought they were as hot as the breath of a fire-breathing dragon. :D

Finally, their outfits were last and I sort of got my inspiration from Disney's The Cheetah Girls on this one,.. because I wanted them to have outfits that made them very much resemble a dragon when they were performing together just like The Cheetah Girls have cheetah spots. So,.. when I closed my eyes the first thing I thought of was a red dragon with black leather wings,.. witch is why they're dressed in red suits with dragonhide vests and gloves. :)

So, in conclusion that's how The Dragons came to be and I really hope that JK Rowling would be proud and happy and excited about them. I thank her for creating the Harry Potter world and for The Backstreet Boys existing. :D I hope you love them (or will love them) as much as I do and that they will continue singing and dancing in all of your imaginations. :)

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Meet The Siren Sisters!!

Stephanie "Stevie" Wilde
Age: 14
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blackish/Brown
Skin Color: White
House: Slytherin
Pets: None
Father: David Wilde
Mother: Claire Wilde
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Patronus: Fox

Stephanie (Prefers to be called Stevie) is the youngest member of Siren and is the niece of Severus Snape. Her mother is a witch that married an abusive muggle so she eventually became underneath her uncle's custody. Stevie has quite the attitude and is a mischief maker, but she also has an incredible heart and can't stand bullying. So much so that she's willing to risk detention to stand up to the bullies.

Carla (Carly or Cece) Charlotte Clark
Age: 16
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: White
House: Gryffindor
Pets: Orange striped cat named Pumpkin
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Blood Status: Pureblood
Patronus: Cat
Animagus: Cat

Carly is the lead singer of Siren and Stevie's longest friend. Like Stevie she can't stand bullies and she is always willing to give her advice and help her out with her hexes. ;)

Jasmine Lillian Long
Age: 17
Hair Color: Light-Blonde
Eye Color: Light-Blue
Skin Color: White
House: Ravenclaw
Pets: Black cat named Midnight
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: Justin along with two unknown sisters
Blood Status: Mixed
Patronus: Horse

Jasmine is the oldest member of Siren along with being the older sister of Justin Long from The Dragons. She's very determined and has a stubborn personality. Especially when it comes down to helping out her friends and other people in need. :)
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