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19 / Female / Single
I love dragons and all adventures involved. I know almost every dragon myth and every drain species in any fantasy book. Frost Dragons are my favorite. I have rules below please read and respect them.

One, I'll only romances with men. Sorry girls but if you still want to roleplay something other than romance I'm game.

Two, for gods sake please give me more than two lines. Do you know how annoying that is?

Three, redirect me and my choices if you don't I went hesitate to kick your ass. I'm one of those tiny girls that pack a punch.

Four, just because I have a dominant personality does not mean I'm a dominant. I'm an equal, or sub.

Five, you sent the friend request, you send the first message, if I don't get anything after seven days I will unfriend you. I will also message first if I sent the request.

Six, all my characters are associated with dragons one way or another. I'll post them a sin as I can. You don't want dragons you can go somewhere else.