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(Aerion Malgaris)
23 / Male / Single
United States
There are few days that haunts Ser Taecenys Araelor as much as that fateful day on the Trident, during the last days of Robert’s Rebellion. He was a proud knight, loyal to the Targaryens until the end of his days, trained and anointed by Prince Rhaegar himself. And when Robert the Usurper brought his army of rebels to the doors of the Red Keep, he was more than happy to raise his steel in defense of King Aerys II.

But the Gods did not favor the true King that day, much to the shock and horror of Ser Araelor. He knew that truth as he saw the Usurper kill the Dragon Prince with that barbaric warhammer of his. Rage filled his blood as the rubies that adorned Rhaegar’s black armor flew out onto the water of the Trident. He would have killed the Usurper then and there, if it wasn’t for the Lord of Winterfell incapacitating the knight first.

When the disgraced knight awoke after the battle, he simply disappeared, unable to stay in the shadows of his failures. Where he went depends on who is asked. Some people say that he disappeared into the Dorne, leading a small raiding party against the Seven Kingdoms. Others say that he traveled east to serve as a mercenary in the Free Cities. One man claimed that he saw the disgraced knight whispering in Balon Greyjoy’s ear, urging him to open rebellion against the Usurper hoping to right the wrong six years before. Rumors even say that he took the Black and served as a ranger beyond the wall. Some servants said that they heard his screams echoing throughout the dungeons of the Red Keep, captured by Robert’s men to await a trial that would never come.

But whichever rumor you may believe, it is clear that the story of Ser Taecenys Araelor is far from over. After all, a Dragon’s Wrath is never truly sated.

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So, it's been ten days and I'm starting to get worried sick now. Are you okay?
Nov 15th 2020 02:23