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Dragon-Heart's Blog


1. If you are only wanting er*t*ca roleplay, do NOT add me. I enjoy romance in my storylines as much as anyone, but that cannot be the only thing the roleplay is about. If the story cannot exist without the romance, then it won’t work for me.

2. I will only roleplay in third person, and would prefer multiple paragraphs, but most of the time my replies will slightly shorten in length when less is going on, although I will never write less than two paragraphs. My replies will never go below that, and I expect the same from you.

3. No one liners. I will not bend on this. If I write you a multi-paragraph response, and you give me a one liner, or a one word answer, if we are roleplaying, I won’t respond, then in a week I will delete you should you not correct yourself.

4. Speaking of a week; that’s how long I will give you to respond to me, unless you give me a warning that your replies will be delayed. I don’t collect friends.

5. Mature roleplays; I do roleplays that have mature themes. I write in grimdark fantasy worlds, ones that are NOT fun to live in, these are not silly stories about boys befriending dragons and riding them into the sky. I will not touch on anyone’s triggers if I know what would upset them, but if you want to reduce the roleplay to the point that it seems like Dragon Tails, I won’t roleplay with you.

6. Proper grammar and spelling is a must. I realize that no one is perfect, including myself, but if you cannot spell and use punctuation, I can’t roleplay with you. It’ll drive me crazy.

7. I’m a selective adder, and I will look through your profile with a fine tooth comb to ensure that we are compatible, and to look through any characters that you might have. I expect the same from you, with my character, so you know if you want to roleplay with her or not.

8. I will not change any of my character in personality, attitude, or their past lightly, and if I do, there has to be good, nonsexual, reason for it. Please do not request my characters to play your sister/brother, step sister/ step brother, neighbor, teacher etc. I will delete you if you try it, these aren’t the kind of roleplays I do.

9. If you are unhappy with the roleplay, then please let me know. I will do the same for you. And also, please don’t make drama if I don’t respond to you straight away. Sometimes I get into a mood where I won’t want to reply to any or certain roleplays, but I will get to you eventually.

10. Read my other blog pages. Don't just skim it and say you read it, because when you can't recall important details of them minutes after you said you read it, it's obvious you didn't. You will be unfriended.

12. Please help me discuss a story. Don't just say "whatever you want to do" because that will not cut it. I understand that some people don't have creative days, I get that way too, but plotting a story should be a partnership. And if you try this on me, if I come up with the entire idea, don't ask me to start. If you're going to make me do the work of coming up with a storyline you're starting, so please don't say your starters suck because that also means you're saying the rest of your replies will suck as well, and I hate that people don't give themselves enough credit. If you can send a decent response to a starter I write, you can also start the roleplay too.

13. If I add you, I’ll message you. If you add me, you message me. Recently I've realized that some people aren't messaging after sending requests, so now I will delete you after forty-eight hours after I accept the request, if you don't respond to it. I'm really just tired of people being on my online list and not getting messages.

14. Don't expect me to play whatever character you have in a plot. I absolutely dislike this. If you have a premade plot, and just need my character to play one you've created, please go away. I don't want to play any character that isn't my own.

15. Gimmie your memes. Comment "howdy doody" if you read all of this. Those who are already in my friends list do not have to do this, but if you are a newcomer, comment.

Failure to follow these rules will get you eaten by the Dark Knight.
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Lan der Drachen

Roughly translates to "Land where the dragons roam".

The home of the dragon-kin. A volcanic mountain region surrounded by a frozen wasteland, far north of any other civilizations. Here, the dragon-kin reside within the mountain, building societies within the stone, digging and excavating with nothing but their bare claws. The mountain houses all of the different clans of the species, each individual living in harmony, with conflicts amongst others being little more than a scrap that everyone will forget about within the hour.

On the border of the frozen wastes is a great forest filled with exotic creatures the dragon-kin hunt. Grand winged stags, impossibly large avian beasts... This environment is more hostile than most other places in the world, and it is no wonder such an area would spawn such fearsome beasts.
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The Dragon-Kin

The race the Dark Knight herself hails from.

Reptilian, bipedal, and bearing resemblance to the fabled dragons, they stand much taller than the races of men, elves, and orcs. But, these creatures are thankfully low in number, otherwise the world of men would be in grave danger from a threat not belonging to some ancient evil of old, but creatures of the lands to the far north, beyond the scope of all modern races.

No scholar, not even a member of their own kind knows exactly how they came to be, but they have a religious belief that they are descendants of the near-extinct dragons themselves, and worship them as their ancestors. Much like those they believe to be their precursor, dragon-kin can breathe fire whose color and element depends on the individual, resist extreme heat, and have hides and scales hard enough to negate the steel of most common bladed weaponry. They have no formal government or kingdom, only their leader known as the Dragon Lord, the strongest of their kind.

They reside in Lan der Drachen alone, and rarely leave their homeland. While their most infamous member is a man-eating brute, most dragon-kin are kind but lazy creatures who enjoy fighting, but not killing. They revel in their own glory and grow fat off their feasts, negating the possible threat they pose to the mortal world.

Although they have their own language (that being German), they are often found able to speak the languages of the lesser races. With their longevity, and a tendency to cause chaos in their early lives by wandering the world, most of their kind are able to understand man and elf tongues.

Below is an image of the Dark Knight herself, although the sketch is unfinished, lacking details such as the spines along the tail, it shows the physique of her species, albeit hunched on all fours.
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The Dark Knight

Name: She goes only by her title, and reveals her birth-name to no one, save for the few who manage to befriend the beast.

Age: The beast is almost half a century old, but for her species, she’s barely passed the first years into adulthood.

Species: Dragon-kin

Gender: Female, biologically and identifying as such, although she prefers masculine titles.

Orientation: Demiromantic Ace Lesbian (To summarize for those less familiar: The lack of sexual attraction, only capable of romantic attraction after developing an emotional connection beforehand, and only with the female gender.)

Height: 14’5” / 4.39 meters (Although this can range depending on the roleplay.)

Weight: 1246 lbs / 565 kg.

Abilities: Due to her evident draconic heritage, she is able to breathe fire, with her violet and crimson flames being enough to reduce a human to a charred corpse in moments, although building up these flames takes time, and cannot be used frequently. A perk of being such a large creature, she has immense physical strength and endurance, despite her physique telling a different story. She may appear on the heavier side, but she does not tire easily, like one would expect from one carrying around so much bulk.

Weaknesses: Due to her upbringing in Lan der Drachen, like many other of her kind, cannot read or write the common languages. She lacks any true mastery over her weapon, lacking any form of finesse. As tough as her hide may be, she is not resistant to magic, while a fire spell would dissipate on her scales, any other elemental attack would bypass her defenses.

Personality: The monster is a brash, rude, and impossibly unpleasant individual upon first glance. She only takes from others, using her title, her size, and her draconic appearance to get her way, bullying travelers and settlements alike to get what she wants from them. She only works when she is grossly overpaid for her potential services, and is nigh-impossible to befriend. Sadistic and gluttonous, she has few allies. Her only trace of charisma is her witty commentary, which is often overshadowed by her own feral snarling.

Description: Standing taller than the mortal races, with faded lavender-pink scales and a wild, violet mane, she can very easily be distinguished from a crowd by both her imposing physical form, not being a musclebound beast, but rather having raw bulk, and a hefty gut to show she eats well. She has claimed the title of “Dark Knight”, of which there can only be one of in the world at a given time. Having killed the former holder of the title, she now wanders the world without a care in the world, as she plans to spend her life eating and drinking the days and nights away, as the title holds weight in all kingdoms and by every race.

Backstory: From the moment she hatched in the depths of Lan der Drachen’s volcano, the hatchling that would become the Dark Knight was the strongest of her peers. Larger than her siblings, she was the de facto leader of her batch, keeping the pace amongst those of her age for years. As she grew older, she grew restless herself, challenged by her brothers and sisters often, she became stronger as a result, until it was time for her to leave once her father, the current Dragon Lord, and her mother decided she should be mated to one of the other clans’ males. The camel’s back broken, she left Lan der Drachen to continue to walk the path of the warrior, and became little more than a starved husk of her former self for years, until the disgustingly thin creature came across the Dark Knight, Sir Gadeil of Oakwall. The elderly man stood little chance, and was devoured, sending her on her way.

Decades have passed since that day, and the dragon-kin now roams the lands without fear of man or hunger.
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