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(Draco Malfoy)
22 / Male / Single
Michigan - United States
If you don’t know who I am then why are you here?

【 These people are my F a m i l y 】
✨ S i s t e r @Theslytherinprincess
✨ G I N G E R @GinnyWeasley
✨ F a t h e r @malfoymanor
✨ M o t h e r @thebadasswitch
✨B e s t M a t e s @teddylupin @pansyparkinson

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Q. Dad is questioning harry!
A. “Bloody hell” his face turns red and breaths heavy
 Mar 25th 2019 16:51

A. WHAT???
 Mar 25th 2019 14:39

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Delilah nodded as she tucked a bit of her hair behind her ear, “Yea... I’ve been Alright.” She said softly.
May 29th 2019 06:53

Of course love
May 28th 2019 23:18

"Malfoy" Ron said glaring at him and fold his arm across his chest.
May 24th 2019 05:53

((I’m fine with any ideas you throw at me bud! Except for like ya know vore and things like that, but other than that I’m cool! And you can start if you want
May 23rd 2019 22:29

Delilah shook her head with a soft smile, looking down “No” she said. “It has its charm I suppose.” She nodded to herself, “so how’ve you been?” She asked, looking at him.
May 23rd 2019 06:59

((Sounds good!
May 22nd 2019 22:44

“Hey...” Delilah raised her eyebrows, “Dramatic much?” She chuckled slightly.
May 22nd 2019 07:50

"It's nice to meet you Draco... Malfoy" she said, with a slight pause in between his name as she wasn't sure weather to call him by his full name or not. "How has your day been so far?" she asked.
Apr 27th 2019 18:12

Theodor sat back down and smiled at Draco. He wondered what the last few minutes were about but he didn’t question it. He just smiled and took a sip of his butter beer.
Apr 24th 2019 23:04

"Hi there" Delilah smiled "I'm Delilah Greengrass, I think I hadn't properly introduced myself before." she said as she held out her hand for a handshake.
Apr 24th 2019 19:03