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(Stephen Strange)
42 / Male / Single
NYC, New York - United States

Building....... Be patient

Not completely Canon
Not completely MCU/Comics
Bi character
Ships with Chemistry
Very selective
First sign of Drama I delete

Be nice and I will be nice
I get busy sorry


Be nice
No s^^*t/No Furries/No WWE/No Drama other than RP/No Fighting
Ship with Chemistry, might do single for the right reasons
Be patient and I will be too
Admin 25+
Please literally NO DRAMA

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Latest Status

I am unfriending people, I am not a friend collector, either you write with me or you don't. Also it is tax season not around a lot so please be patient.
2  Jan 31st 2023 21:47

Latest Questions

IcyKing asked the question
Q. "hey. Can we talk?"
A. "You know midgardians hate that question right? We assume it's a break up or a problem."
 Jan 17th 2023 18:57

Latest Comments

"I am behaving, Sorcerer"
Dec 28th 2022 22:02

"You never specified the question was directed at me specifically. You just asked if there are more in general. As for myself, I don't see why that is any of your business."
Dec 26th 2022 19:00

"I beg your pardon...?"
Dec 26th 2022 18:56

Strangely enough *wink* I don’t intend to fight it either.
Dec 18th 2022 21:34