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(That Bad Bitch)
18 / Female / Single
All around the World, France
"Everyone will hurt you... the trick in life is to fine someone worth hurting for"
| ❖-Hex DoopleBang-❖ | 「 Little Sister: @HivenFox 」// Give her Love

Loud & Clear! A French bad bitch from Another area of this forsaken place. Sup? My name is Hex Dooplebang and i'm your Local ghetto gal hey! Tried to stay Og but when you survive to time there's nothing left but the beast!

Anyways What's my deal? Oh casual Bisexual Doggy gal who loves to play and Roleplay. Gangsta gal with her friends i'll be more than glad to get down and dirty or clean and heroic with ya. Yes I am literate but won't ever juge you for your writing style. Wing it Wright it send it i'll be down for it.

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Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Yee! it's good to be back Ohhh you know it's happening again!
 Dec 6th 2018 18:32

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