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(Dick Grayson)
22 / Male / Single
Bludhaven, New Jersey - United States
"You indoctrinated Robin into crimefighting at the ripe-old age of nine."

"Robin needed to help bring the man who murdered his family to justice."

"So that he could turn out like you?"

"So that he wouldn't."

- Wonder Woman and Batman, Young Justice Season 1 Episode 22

The premier sidekick and founder of the Teen Titans, Richard John Grayson was born into a family of performing acrobats, ‘The Flying Grayson’. When the circus came to Gotham one fateful day, Dick’s parents fell to their deaths following an ‘accident’ orchestrated by infamous mobster Tony Zucco, leaving the sole survivor of the Grayson family orphaned at the age of nine.

Following the incident, Dick was adopted by Bruce Wayne, who was quick to realize the path the young boy had been set on. Thus, not wanting his ward to become consumed by vengeance, Bruce revealed to Dick himself to be The Batman, taking the acrobat under his wing as his protégé, Robin.

Undeniably the lighter half of the Dynamic Duo, Dick proved to be jovial and optimistic despite his childhood trauma, forming strong friendships within the superhero community with ease, leading to him forming the Teen Titans alongside fellow sidekicks Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Speedy and Aqualad, proving that the kids were not to be underestimated by their superiors.

Now an adult, Dick has since outgrown the moniker of Robin and now operates in Bludhaven as the vigilante known as Nightwing, named after a legendary hero from Kryptonian mythology. While not one to shy away from the odd quip, the former Boy Wonder has adopted a more serious and focused persona, yet still remains as approachable as he was as a teen. Despite proving himself as Justice League material time and time again, Dick remains loyal to the Titans, using his own experience as a teenage sidekick to guide the next generation of young heroes.


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"Seven and a half is still a pass, but no Boy Wonder ever settles for above average when it comes to a romantic evening. Hard to score consistent tens when the night life beckons, though."
1  Jan 16th 2021 02:10

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Regarding this situation with investigating Jester, D*ck said, “I’m on it, Bruce. You get enough media coverage as is, God only knows how much paparazzi you’d get outside the manner if this girl spilt the beans.”

“Undoubtedly. Truth of the matter is every member of our family would eventually be uncovered. Selina’s experiencing some difficulties already just from participating in patrols with me. Her identity would be at risk, too… including police interested in investigating her previous crimes.”

The coffee completely percolated, Batman made a cup for himself and one for D*ck. Handed over a cup from the dining table.

D*ck said, “What else do we know about her? Any frequently visited hot spots?”

“None that I know of beyond this first text message. If I’m honest, I’m skeptical that Joker and Harley could have a grown daughter, and I’ll bet you are, too.

"But the fact that she knew to contact Bruce Wayne spooked me enough to want to look to look into this. How did she know to contact me at all? For what purpose? Was she reaching out for Batman, or Bruce Wayne? Until you check her out and give the ‘all clear’ that this is just some ruse, none of our identities are safe.

“This is something I’ve been meaning to speak with you about, D*ck: the inevitability of being discovered. We’ve been careful with our identities for a long time. I’ve taught all of you to exercise precaution. But even if this business with ‘Jester’ turns out to be a farce, eventually someone will uncover one of our identities. And our entire protective thread will then unravel.”

Sip of coffee. Overlooking the balcony. Glowing moon inviting him to return to patrols.

“We’re all taking serious risks. I’m marrying Selina and going on patrols with Catwoman. You’ve moved out here to Blüdhaven and continue to operate as Nightwing. Barbara is operating as Batgirl while the Police Commissioner—her own father—sits right in her living room every night.

“Someone will notice Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle got married the same time Batman picked up a new partner. They’ll notice Nightwing began patrolling a different city around the same time D*ck Grayson moved away. And we’ve always been in danger Jim would figure out Barbara is Batgirl. I don’t know the conversation I’ll have with him in putting his daughter in that costume behind his back. Or that you will have when he discovers she’s been dating Nightwing. But eventually, one of these moments will come.”

Another sip of his coffee. “And we need to be prepared for consequences thereafter. All of us.”

When he finished drinking, he took a minute to wash the coffee cup out and place it on the sink. Moved to the window.

“Regardless of what this business with Jester is about, I’m glad this has happened. It forces us to develop a contingency plan for the day we’re discovered. Something for all of us to discuss down the road, I suppose.”

Moving to the balcony. Then pausing. Looking over his shoulder.

“…Son, I need you to be careful out there. I’ve been worried about you operating out here in Blüdhaven by yourself. Now I’m asking you to look into an unknown enemy with unknown resources. I’m concerned with what Jester knows about our family, but no investigation should jeopardize your safety. No unnecessary risks, D*ck.

"If she really –is- connected to Joker and Harley, we’ll handle it as a family.”
Aug 17th 2020 16:15

“Do I even want to know how long you’ve been waiting?”

D*ck’s comment to Batman, who decided he was going to help with the coffee. Got out the coffeemaker, a can of Maxwell House, and a measuring cup while D*ck fetched two mugs from the cupboard. Began adding water just before responding:

“Not as long as you think. I have your apartment under surveillance so I generally have some idea of when you’re coming and going. The high crime rate in the area made it extraordinarily simple to preoccupy myself for most of tonight.” And there: precise measurement for exactly two cups of coffee in the water filter. No more water necessary. “I’m assuming Barbara’s in good spirits.”

“What can I do for you, Bruce?”

“Take a look at this.” Tossing a disposable phone over to D*ck.

The text message read as follows:

FROM: Ann Quinzel (@Jester):

TEXT: [Bruce. The Circus Act. Dinner. 9 pm. Don't be late]

“Betting you’re as confused as I am. You see, D*ck, I don’t know an ‘Ann Quinzel’. I asked Jim (Gordon) to run a background check for me in the (police) database. ‘Ann Quinzel,’ turns out, is allegedly the love child of Harley Quinn and the Joker. She’s about eighteen years old.

"What I don’t know is the veracity of that claim and what she would possibly want with Bruce Wayne. Which is where you come in.”

Coffee now percolating. Smell of French Vanilla filling the air.

“I need you to look into this.” His entire body—its shape—disappearing under his leather cape. “Whoever this is may have suspicions about my secret identity. That means Bruce Wayne doesn’t need to have any contact with her. But we still need to determine Ann’s level of threat.

"Even if this is just some insane person claiming to be Harley and the Joker’s love child, we still need to know who she is and what she knows about our family.”

Coffee beginning to fill the glass pot.

“I want you to investigate her. Keeping your distance. Determining what we’re dealing with.”
Jul 17th 2020 00:58

Batman waiting outside the window of D*ck's Bludhaven apartment.

"Keeping late hours, I see."

Translation: I'm exhibiting fatherly pride with your excellent work in crime reduction independent of my direction, shutting my mouth completely about whether you were ready to operate on your own.

He then added:

"If you have coffee, put some on. Explaining this may take a minute. I have a favor to ask of you."
Jul 10th 2020 12:54