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19 / Other / In a Relationship
Wonderland, United States
Hello there my new potential friend.

I consider myself a very open minded person, but just like every other human I have my boundaries. If I say no it means no and you must respect that.

To keep everything organized, I will delete people who don't respond to me in a set amount of time

In a romantic rp I can do FxF, MxF and MxM and of course NB people are welcome

I'm not a furry. I don't care if you are one, but I want both parties to play as humans

Usually, I make a character based on yours but I have some ocs, three in my blog with some 'dere' types (it's explainsd in the blog post my non otaku friends)

I love a lot of types of plots, romance, psychological things, supernatural, fantasy, medieval and even light hearted themes, all I'm asking for is a good story and a nice person to rp with.

I do not want to give out any social medias of mine, I just want to rp or talk with cool people in peace.

Please remember that English is not my first language.

Well... that's all I think, have a nice day!