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19 / Female / Single
Hell?, Antarctica
Don’t let the soft look of my profile deceive you;
I don’t do bright, fairytale romance and slice-of-life concepts at all, and there are rarely any exceptions. Sci-fi is also a genre I stay far away from, so please don’t suggest it.

I like toxicity, sizzling tension, dark themes, disturbing concepts, twisted and wicked plots, enemies-to-lovers, you get the gist. From obsessive yanderes, psychopaths, murderous mafias, and gore to gothic vampires, demons, werewolves, dark elves.. I do it all and more. Same goes for the era and place; either realistic or a fictional universe, I don’t mind. I have a soft spot for the ancient world and the medieval times, but anything from the Georgian - Victorian eras to the 21st century is completely fine too.

I tend to write 4 - 5 paragraphs minimum, and I don’t have a limit since I usually just try to match my partner’s length. I write in third-person and I’d like it if my partner did the same, since first-person makes me kind of uncomfortable. No one-liners.

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