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15 / Male / Forever Alone
New York - United States
Well I guess if you've made it this far you're somewhat interested or atleast considering add me, well hey who ever you are I'm dezi and it's nice to meet you if you'd like to know more about my life and personality just add me and ask me I'm a pretty open book, other than that I do like to get to know the person a little bit before we rp and discuss plots such as you're likes, dislikes, ect. Other than that below are some of my preferences hopefully we'll be talking soon

People I love and if you hurt I hurt you
@sabrinalionheart she's my ring pop wifey, love you butterfly! <3<3

@maddieelizabeth she's my second wifey for knowing good music, love you!<3

@tealcali she's my bestie love ya<3

Yes I do realize I am a heart broken lyric writing teen boy And how stereotypical it is but it's how I deal with my emotions instead of using everything I see like a punching bag :)

I prefer MxF roleplays

I'll roleplay with any age or gender, but I am straight so no MxM romance

I could play FxF if you give me a really good plot or something idk

I'll roleplay any age you'd like within reason ya know?

You can talk to me about life or drama or just vent, or roleplay and go into our own world and escape from the crazy on we live in now

I know what my preferences say but I'll basically do whatever rp if you can give me a good description of the characters and plot

I've also been interested in trying some dark themed or just dark rps In general if you like those hmu with an idea

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"They tried to put try me in a hospital bed
Diagnose me and stuff me with meds
All it ever did was f*** up my head
They anti-depress you until you're depressed again
And then you depend on the pills that made you independent" ~Dax Joker returns
Mood: blah
4  Nov 28th 2020 23:01

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sus asked the question
Q. i’m hot
A. On a scale on 1-10 I'd say 11 bb
 Oct 9th 2020 08:40

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