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(Dezeria Black)
27 / Female / Single
New York City, New York - United States
Greetings my little Kittens... I'm Dezeria Black, Mistress of condemned souls.

@notyourbabe a special mention here: This little kitten brings awe to you when you look into her soft orbs. A smile upon your face when she smiles at you. She brings happiness to you when she is near and she will always be near to me, for she is mine...

Now ... Are you a condemned soul? Are you looking for that small glitter of light that gives you hope that not all is lost yet?

Do you seek guidance or a firm but loving hand ... Come and let's talk

All moments are in roleplay format... Will create a roleplay if wanted ...

Latest Status

Hello to everyone! Thank you for being patient with me and my hectic work schedule. I've tried to answer all the messages and produce quality posts for everyone. I still have one more long hour workday before I'm off. If I missed you this round, please send me a 'Hey Bitch what about me' message, and I will get a response to you!

I also want to thank everyone for being special and friendly toward me. That's a rare thing, but I appreciate it! Now to my little kittens. Be Good.
2  22 hours ago

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