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New Character Guideline Sheet

(I will now be using this as my character sheet, if you would like to use this simply heart this or comment. I don't want anyone to just steal it as their own, it took me awhile to come up with a good character sheet.)

Full Name:
Birthday: (If interested place Zodiac sign beneath the Birthday line.)
Body Type: (You may take this out if it doesn't matter to your character or you in general)
Hair color:
Eye color:

(If anime related, anime details go here before 'attire')

(If character has multiple attires outside of their normal wear, name what type of attire it is and underneath the everyday attire)

Any complexs?:












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Miki Jenouya (Assassination Classroom)

Full Name: Mikiyu (Me-Key-U) Jenouya (Jen-Oh-Ya)
Nickname: Miki
Nickname given by classmates: M.J.
Nickname given by Koro-sensei: Hana
Birthday: July 15th
Year: 2002
Age: 15
Race: Japanese and French (Frenchanese lol *cough*....moving on..)
Height: 5'6
Weight: "No." (No?) "No." (She won't tell)
Body type: (MMMM SEXEH) (Jk she's cool)
" >~> "
Hair color: White
Eye color Blue
(Friend: Boi, why she remind me of a female Rido? Me:SHUSH I HAVE A THING FOR WHITE HAIR BLUE EYED CHARACTERS OKEY ToT)

Class rank: A
Class rank: E
Reason: M.J. is the academic rival of Gakashū Asano, both battling for the right to be top student since they both have perfect scores in every subject, though Miki is a trained assassin, youngest assassin to be a professional, actually. And she got a job order: Kill the teacher of class 3-E
So she attends A class up until lunch and thereafter she's an E-class student.

Attire in school: Average school uniform for her school, she usually will take her jacket off if it's hot, and she'll occasionally wear the school uniform ribbon around her neck.

Attire outside of school: Summer; She'll usually wear a short sleeve shirt, either baby blue or white, she enjoys form fitting shirts but if its really hot then she'll opt for a more flowing one, you'll also never see Miki in a skirt or dress outside of school, she lives and dies for jeans.
Winter: A thick black coat with flowing sleeves, thick leggings underneath her jeans.
Spring: Much like summer.

Skills: Extremely intelligent, sports. All kinds. And shooting. She's also very flexible..

Sexuality: Straight

Crush: Gakashū and Karma (And vice versa) "Wait, wut?" (YOU HEARD NOTHING!) "○^○ "

Affilitation: Battling Gakashū for the rights of Top Student
Second highest ranking in the Ministry of Defense (Hell, even Kurasama is under her.) "By, like, one or two ranks >~>"

Family: Meh.
Famous company owners, no biggy.

Mother: Loves dearly
Father: Doesn't see him too often.
(No brothers or sisters?)
"Only child problems okay? >~>"

Ironically, Koro-sensei
Friend list still growing.


Likes: Practicing new moves, learning new things, ice cream, salty things.(Smh), wine, drawing(amazing at that), and reading books.

Dislikes: People talking about her size, douches, supreme jerks(Those relate Miki...) "SHUSH", Bullies, Teachers who aim to fail you, rich pricks, idiots.

Biggest fear: Unfulfilled potential

Personality: Miki is a blank slate, cold hearted but surprisingly humourus, sarcastic and friendly, well, at least once you get close to her. She enjoys reading in the sun and learning new things, she's a quiet girl when in a classroom and has serious insomnia, so occasionally she's out of it in class.

Past: Miki was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, though she never used the spoon, rather she enjoyed living life instead of rubbing her money in others faces, she was born around a caring mother but a father she never sees,though through phone calls between him and employees she hears that he's very cold-hearted and cruel, but caring to those he's warmed up to. Miki somehow molded herself into that, but with a bit of her mother's caring side.

"My grades do not describe who I am as a person"
"Shoot me once,your fault, shoot me twice, my fault"
"My aim is never off, my bullet never misses. If it does, then you have a pure heart."
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Maxamillion Ci Valintina (Code Geass)

(Everyone: *deep sigh* Here we go...)

Full Name: Maxamillon Ci Valintina (likes to go by Max or Maxi)
Alias: Matthew Bloomcreek
(How uncreative)
"It was the only thing I could think of~!"
(Everyone: ...wait for it..)
"I hope Charles-sempai likes it!~"
(Everyone: *sigh* There it is..)
Birthday: May 1st "*giggles* My birthday is 20 days before Nii-sama's!"
Year: 2001
Age: 16!~ "Don't get older Charles-sempai!~"
Race: Valintian
Height: 5'12 "Will I be able to peck Charles-sempai's lips with my own..? Am I too short?"
(Charles: *stands up and leaves*)
Weight: "Mmm...its a secret!"
Body type: Perfect for Charles-sempai! Perfect to dominate him! (Me: # gonnatapthat)
Hair color: Pink
Eye color: Grey

Geass: "Hmmm?~~ What's that?~"

Attire in the kingdom: Enjoys trying to copy Charles' style, he doesn't have his white jacket so he made his own version, except with a black collar. Everything else is spot on like Charles.

Attire outside of the kingdom: (God, this will take a long time...uh, just refer to the picture at the end *nervous laugh*)

Attire on the 'battlefield': "Hrm..? Father doesn't let me fight~ Too bad~ I wanted to protect Charles~~"

Skills: Baking and dancing...very flexible.

Sexuality: So freaking gay for Charles it hurts. Doesn't have eyes for anyone else.

Crush: Charles Li Valintina "Love me Charles~~~!!!"
"I want to marry you one day!!~~ *moans*"
"Notice me~~"
(Everyone: I'm leaving, this is... *walks out of room*)
(Me: ...*cringes* incest...)

Affilitation: 16th prince and 9th to the throne
Second: "Charles' future husband!!"

Father: King Cornelius Vi Valintina
Mother: Queen Sophie Ci Valintina
Oldest brother: Prince Jacklin Si Valintina
Older brother: Prince Charles Li Valintina
Oldest sister: Princess Cordelia Li Valintina
Older sister: Princess Yuuki Vi Valintina
One year older sister: Princess Adelina Ci Valintina

Father: Depises because he won't let his feelings towards Charles go acknowledged so they could get married
Mother: Doesn't know, she died when he was born
Oldest brother: Envies because of how much he dots on his man!
Older brother: Loves him so much it hurts. Has almost uncontrolable lust for him. (One time at a meeting between Royals, Max pounced on Charles, and nearly dry humped him in front of his siblings) (Charles: *pokes head in room* What do you mean /almost/? He did!)
Oldest sister: ...she doesn't speak to him after that stunt he pulled on Charles
Older sister: Finds him replusing. "I never liked her and her giant boobs anyway!"
Sister: Close.
Complexes: Power complex and Older Brother sibling complex
(You need to get the second one checked out man....)

"I only need Charles-sempai!!"


Likes: Charles, hurting others, mind twisting, confusing people, trapping them,sweets, the daydreams he has of f-cking Charles, the sun, and the snow(reminds him of Charles)

Dislikes: Being away from Charles, pushy people, sour things, bitter things, anything Charles dislikes.

Biggest fear: Never becoming the husband of Charles

Personality: If it's not about Charles or anything that has to do with him he won't speak to you, obbssessive would be the /only/ word to describe him, except that's an understatement. He's only kind, caring and anything else nice to Charles, his mood to anyone else(unless its close family members) is: "Go die in a ditch, you're taking away my time of spending with Charles!"

Past: Being born without a mother and a father that pretty much doesn't care leaves the older siblings to take care of you, and Jacklin and Charles did just that, eventually Jacklin was dragged to the French base and he was left alone with Charles, who tended to up with uptmost care, he read to him, gave him goodnight kisses, tucked him in, and even bathed him! Thats when he realized, at 8, that he wanted to be Charles' husband, to repay him! To show him his love! It started off as innocent and childish nonsense but morphed into more...into what you see today.

"For my prince, i'll be his knight!"
"I'll protect you forever, Charles!!"
"I'll love you until the end of time"

(Should I write the 'Incident' between Charles and Max or just leave it to your imagination? xD)
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Jacklin Si Valintina (Code Geass)

Full Name: Jacklin Si Valintina
Alias: Jack Nishiki
Birthday: December 1st
Year: 1990 A.T.B
Age: "Don't be so ignorant as to think I will simply tell you that. If you're smart enough do the math and you'll find out."
Race: "Ha! You truly are ignorant aren't you?" (Jacklin! Don't be rude to our guests!)
"Valintian and proud."
Height: 6'5
Weight: "*sputters* ..Moving on."
Body Type: "I will not answer that." (But I will)
[Very slender, slightly masculine] "I am offended."
Hair color: chestnut
Eye color: Blue

Geass: Does not have a Geass but knows of it.
He hopes that nothing bad will happen to his younger brother during the use of his Geass.

Geass givers that he knows: C.C. and X.2

Attire: Enjoys wearing any type of black suit with a collared shirt, he especially liked wearing the silk dress vests that go underneath his suit jacket, occasionally he'll wear his jacket with penguin tails that has the golden buttons on it that represent his kingdom's symbol.

Attire outside of the kingdom: ...pretty much the same except he might wear a black hoodie with black skinny jeans..nothing will get him to /not/ wear his vest.

Attire on the 'battlefield': Nothing too different than usual except he wears silver gauntlets and black gloves along with armoring on his legs. He even changes his shirt to the general in command shirt. "I do enjoy wearing that shirt when in front of my underlings."

Any complexs?: Not really, a slight power complex if any.

Skills: Tactics and playing the piano

Sexuality: Bisexual

Crush: ...*crickets chirping* "*looks up from book* What?"

Affilitation: 2nd prince and 2nd to the throne
Second: Commander of tactics/General of the battlefield

Family: Father: King Cornelius Vi Valintina
Mother: Queen Angelina Si Valintina
Younger brother: Prince Charles Li Valintina
Younger sister: Princess Cordelia Li Valintina
Younger sister: Princess Yuuki Vi Valintina
Youngest sister: Princess Adelina Ci Valintina
Youngest brother: Prince Maxamillion Ci Valintina
"There are multiple others, though I refuse to meet them."

Father: used to look up to when he was a child, depises now
Mother: Loved dearly
Younger brother: used to dot on, very protective of him. Precious cinnamon bun.
"...*blushes* *whispers* don't tell the entire world my nickname for him!" (Too late!)
Younger sister: ...uh..? Pass and go.
Younger sister: Used to be very protective of her ever since Charles grew attached to her. Now he doesn't speak with her very much.
Youngest sister: Doesn't see very often.
Youngest brother: ....... "He has a /thing/ for I think nothing of him."

"Don't be so ridiculous to think I would have such things."

Likes: Seeing a bit of bloodshed, snuggling with his loved ones, sharing his ideas in front of large crowds[ways to improve the kingdom, tactics, ect], sour things, salty things (Smh,),Chess, and the rain, being harmed "What?! I like being in perfect shape thank you." (Not in rp's you don't~ The sadist/masochist~)(for a sm*tty yaoi rp, someone make him orgasm by being betean.) "WhAt?!!! Please disregard what she said!!" (Listen to every word I say!!)

Dislikes: Being defeated, being bound, being a false winner, prideful people, sweet foods, bubbly drinks(only certain types though), champange(guess you're not invited to my champange party.), lies.

Personality: Jacklin is a very protective but stoic brother, he will most of the time seem cold and emotionless, but he actually is a kind and caring male. He seems unapproachable, but he's very friendly, he won't bite, promise.

Past: Jacklin, growing up, didn't see any of his brothers or sisters, he was kept away in another part of the palace being trained in the way of the sword and how Knightmares worked, this started at 6, before then he spent his time with his mother who happily read to him and snuggled, he loved those when he was younger, he then wouldn't stop crying when she passed when he was 11, he then envied the new queen, Zofia, and her son, Charles, he felt like they took his mother, but over time of trying to be cold and harsh to the 5 year old, he grew on him with his unbeatable cuteness, his wide purple eyes that could bring anyone to a loud 'Awww!' and that snow white hair that everyone so much adored, he eventually started spoiling his brother and they grew closer than ever, he helped him through hard times with his mother.

Doesn't really have quotes, but he says very inspirational things though.
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Charles Li Valintina (Code Geass)

(I decided to do good ol' Charles over here because this boy is amazin' Also I'm going to make these interactive with the characters haha, the quotes are what Charles says)
Full Name: Charleston Li Valintina
Alias: Charlie Leshou (Pronounced: Leh - Sh - O)
Birthday: May 21st
Year: 1995 A.T.B
Age: "If it doesn't trouble you, do the math."
Race: "What a silly question! I'd assume you'd know based on my name haha!"
Height: 6'2
Weight: "..."
Body type: Very slender and feminine. "..?!"
Hair color: Snow white
Eye color: Purple? "I prefer Lavender."

Geass: On his right hand, its a light purple that glows in the dark, it allows him to control people with a wave of his hand, he can also move objects if he truly tries.

Person who gave him the Geass: A male by the name of X.2. "he goes by Xaiver apparently."

Attire: A white jacket with a red collar, golden seams on the collar forming a crown, on his cuffs rest golden vanbraces-- "I prefer gauntlets." they cover his hand at the top to conceal the mark. Three elegant golden buttons go down the center of the jacket before it trails off to the end into a penguin jacket. He wears black pants that are tucked into his dark brown boots. "I dislike dress shoes."

Attire outside of the kingdom: A white jacket with a black form fitting shirt,(to show how feminine his body is ​( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) "It's not. Please believe me." with black skinny jeans and..yet again, boots. Occasionally he wears white sneakers.

Attire on the 'battlefield': The only difference is a black version of his jacket, each button has the symbol of the kingdom on it, a blooming rose with a crown on it, droplets running down the petal as if it was crying. He also wears armoring on his boots.

Skills outside of Geass: fencing and painting. Enjoys a good game of chess and a game of tactics.

Sexuality: Straight, though he is easily swayed. "I take offense to that" (shush, you're going to be both straight and yaoi bait.)
(*puts up sign: Free prince for any guy or gal!*) "...!"

Crush: ...? "What is a...crush?"

Affilitation: 5th prince and 3rd to the throne
Second: Leading commander of his battle group.

Family: Father: King Cornelius Vi Valintina
Mother: Queen Zofia Li Valintina
Older Brother: Prince Jacklin Si Valintina
Younger sister: Princess Cordelia Li Valintina
Younger/Middle sister: Princess Yuuki Vi Valintina
Youngest sister: Princess Adelina Ci Valintina
Younger brother: Prince Maxamillion Ci Valintina
"There are multiple others I have not come to meet yet."

Father: Can't stand his BS, depises but never speaks on it. "I cherish my life thank you."
Mother: Hated with a passion.
Older brother: Loves with all of his brotherly love. Looked up to.
Younger sister: Simple chat over tea and battle tactics
Younger/middle sister: Loved dearly, dots on, will snuggle with. "My dear little sister, plesse be alright.." [Occasionally visits at the dormroom]
Youngest sister: Simple pass and go.
Youngest brother: ...uh.. "He has a power and big brother sibling complex.....romantically...uh..let's not talk about it.."

*crickets chirping*
Friend circle is very...small..

Likes: Painting, drawing, any type of art style, sword fighting, tactics, nature walks, gardens with loads of flowers, kittens, playing chess, reading, writing, the sun, Japanese songs and stories. (Tried learning Japanese, he got caught by his father...let's not talk about what happened thereafter..) "*shivers*"

Dislikes: Father, people who disrespect the Japanese, regrets, big crowds, speaking in front of crowds.

Biggest fear: Never being enough. And not being a proper ruler.

Personality: Charles is a very stoic and cold male, though around those he cares about he will act very happy-go-lucky and caring, not to mention protective. Charles will always stand in harms way when it comes to those he loves. Charles is the biggest role model in the family and he is very proud to admit that.

Past: Charles didn't have the best family growing up, his older sisters and brothers were always away, eitherat the American base or French base. he only had Jacklin to soothe his mental and physical pain. Charles had a verbally abusive father and a physically abusive mother who kept saying things such as: "I wanted a girl! Not this in-between sh!t!" and other things, he would run to his older brother with bruises plastered on his face.
To say he was happy when he turned 16 and his mother died is an understatement. He was also happy when Yuuki was born, she was the joy of his life, and he nicknamed her, Little Light.

(Poor Charles...*wipes away tears* why do I do this to my characters???)
(Whatever. Call it what you will >.>)

"On my honor as a prince I will not let you harm another innocent soul!"
"Just because my path differs from yours doesn't mean i'm lost."
"Do not underestimate me, I know more than I say, think more than I speak, and notice more than you realize."
"With a flick of my wrist you'll be bowing to me, and not the other way around. And soon, i'll be ruling this kingdom, the right way."
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