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29 / Male / Single
United Kingdom
Hey, So I am a 27 year old guy Usually quite easy going, I am around most of the time But I am working fulltime and studying so can be slow to reply.

(Read till the end)

I have been roleplaying for 10+ years over chats forums etc.... as for interests.

- I am really interested in Walking dead verse, Game of Thrones, 100, Vikings, lost, a few others.... as for real life scenarios I am always game for a good scene We can discuss one of you can poke me with one, either works I love to talk to my partners become friends. So feel free to drop me a line the worst that can happen is I will say no... but what if I gave you a counter offer you couldn't resist ;)

- Note. If you add me Talk to me, please have some ideas of what you want to do. If I add you I will message you first with what I like. I will delete inactive or unresponsive people weekly.

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Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. yup
 May 30th 2018 02:36

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|| Heyah! I notice you have sci-fi listed as a genre. Maybe we can incorporate a little MIB action.
Mar 28th 2020 16:18

Hello I'm Toni nice to meet u
Aug 14th 2018 23:11

I know you are a busy man. But I just wanted to let you know I replied
Jun 16th 2018 07:55

Jun 3rd 2018 02:28