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(Marzelle Delacroix)
69 / Male / Broken Hearted
Hell, Wanna follow me down?~ - United States
I'm a nerd. Interests range from Anime, Webtoons, Comics ( DC & Marvel, stuff like that.), Games, Movies, Shows, Etc.
-- The Important Bits --
Open to RP, obviously.

I also have Discord, more accessible there! Just message me if you'd like to add me. I prefer to RP there.

I do RP in verses, too, I'm not just limited to OC's. You want to do an RP on Demon Slayer? That's fine! I'm a good Sanemi and Akaza. Tower of God? Dragon Ball Z? League of Legends? I'm open to it all!

SFW and the other. ( you know what I mean ) Mainly do MxF but I do like MxM sometimes!
Dark themes, wholesome themes, I basically do 'em all.
I'ma little rusty, took a hiatus from rping and I'm getting back into it!

-More to come, just bein' lazy atm. And not sure what else to put.-

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It's been extremely stressful these last few days.. Finally able to rest, but can't sleep.
Talk about a middle finger from the Universe.
4  Jul 1st 2022 04:48

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