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(Chloe Aquila)
19 / Female / Single
Somewhere, Somewhere in japan - Japan
This account is for N*FW only i dont mind what age but you have been warned (adult content and some pretty messed up things i say ig)

Depressed girl here as my name says. I like anything in rp but rather ero/romance (but it needs a bit of a story), ive roleplayed for 2 years of my life and love it (mostly the good parts). I can play as a guy or girl but my preference is when my partner is a guy i would prefer to be a girl and when my partner is a girl i would prefer to be a guy but tell me what you prefer. When adding me i may have alot of dark themes or pressuring you to do something so be mindful of that.
Anyway see you in my pm’s

Gotta say @crackers is a amazing girl so if you havnt send her a request and hope she accepts

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Q. How are you
A. Alright ig
 Jul 18th 2022 18:03

RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Yep
 Jul 16th 2022 21:20

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We need to continue our roleplay
Sep 3rd 2022 10:31

Hope to rp again soon
Jul 26th 2022 09:43

Yeah i could do that
Jul 18th 2022 09:34

Jul 18th 2022 09:32