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(Kraven Fire)
58 / Male / Single
California - United States
Simple rules. If I get bored with our roleplay I'll let you know. But if things continue to be boring I'll delete you.

== Results from b* ==
100% Owner
100% Master/Mistress
99% Dominant
97% Primal (Hunter)
92% Rigger
88% Degrader
74% Daddy/Mommy
60% Sadist
58% Experimentalist
51% Exhibitionist
45% Voyeur
43% Non-monogamist
41% Vanilla
37% Brat tamer
33% Ageplayer
1% Switch

Latest Questions

Q. *gets on my knees.* master
A. Yes, pet?
 May 16th 2019 13:43

Q. A shiver went down her spine as she looked up at him nodding. “Yes Master Your right I’m wrong. I’m the pet your the master.”
A. Good girl.
 May 4th 2019 16:42

Latest Comments

Oct 15th 2019 00:55

I must admit that I usually don’t do this kind of roleplays the way we do- I told you I don’t write a lot when sexual things happens but for you I tried my hardest. My point is- I really love roleplaying with you and I hope we will never stop roleplaying <3
Oct 7th 2019 03:54

Master I’m liking our rp.
Aug 20th 2019 00:05

Aug 10th 2019 04:04

If looks could kill Dx
Aug 5th 2019 19:30

Good morning sir. Did you sleep well Master?
Apr 30th 2019 13:27

Master, I want you. I have been good all day.
Apr 30th 2019 00:29

*gets on my knees.* hello master
Apr 30th 2019 00:18

Apr 28th 2019 02:46

I’m really liking our rp hope you reply soon.
Apr 23rd 2019 19:06