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(Hunter of Demi Humans)
25 / Male / Single
Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Adventurer who is on a quest for Demi humans. He was an assassin and bounty hunter for hire making riches off his skills. He is quite skilled in what he does.

(I do have Demi Human fetish when it comes to NS*W content when it comes to females. A Demi Human is a very human like sentient being that looks human in most aspects. This includes Succubi/female demons, elves, goblins, trolls, cyclops, ogres, orcs, nekos, vampires, dark elves, and harpies. This does not include furries, centaurs, or minotaur's due to them being simply beasts more than anything. Though some furries do almost look human if given the right artist. If you do have a problem with this and prefer to just play a regular human that is fine too.)

Aside from fantasy I can also do modern, anime fandoms, and super hero fandoms, but not so good at scifi. Some fandoms include, One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, Dragan Ball universe, DC, and Marvel. I am also good at making an OC after a few minutes of thinking if you wanna do an OC in a particular canon fandom.

(I am flexible and can play non fantasy settings as well)
post length: one liner to semi-paragraph. If this is a problem for you then I am not right for you
Orientation: Bi (females, and femboys, no masculine males)

I prefer to move RP from here to discord because it is better for notifications.

I do want some NS*W, and some sm*t but they do not have to be the biggest part of the RP, so if you have the feeling it's too big a part lemme know.

Also I work alot and study so forgive me if I fail to replay sooner. Another reason why I prefer discord is I am more efficient in replies.

My rules are
1. Do not take more than 3 days to reply to me or you will be removed from my friends list.
2. If an RP is not going in a direction you like, tell me, don't just scurry off and ghost me.
3. if you have suggestions to improve an RP please do not hesitate to tell me.

Demi humans for you to choose to play.
1. Elf or Dark elf
2. Dwarf
3. Goblin
4. Ogre
5. Orc
6. Cyclops
7. Harpy
8. Lamia
9. Troll
10. Vampire
11. Neko
12. Succubus/ demon

I aside from fantasies I can play modern, sci-fi, anime, DC, and marvel themes. I usually do one liners to semi paragraphs, if you don't like that sorry I'm not the one for you

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