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(Chris Rhodes)
30 / Male / In a Relationship
Rhode Island - United States
Your new demon best friend.
Just here to figure out what life for the humans is like.
Will probably try draw on your skin with a nice sharp blade, but that shouldn’t be a problem. I hear scarification is all the rage nowadays and I promise to make it to your liking.

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Latest Comments

He can find himself a replacement then. He just likes to complain. His “precious bar” “Ava my patrons” “my comfortable life in shambles”.
Jul 4th 2023 23:22

Ven is too stoic and still mad that I pulled him away from his bar
Jul 4th 2023 23:08

Considering taking that away. You can’t leave me who’s going to sit in my boring meetings with me?
Jul 4th 2023 23:02

Me? What about you :/ some friend you are
Jul 4th 2023 22:57

Thank you
Apr 3rd 2023 20:16

Don’t be like that. You love spending with me.
Apr 3rd 2023 20:08

Apr 3rd 2023 19:55

Mar 29th 2023 21:58

On my way! I’ll text when I’m close
Mar 26th 2023 16:12

o: I’m free rn let’s go burn some sh*t new bestie
Mar 26th 2023 16:01