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(Chris Rhodes)
29 / Male / In a Relationship
Rhode Island - United States
Your new demon best friend.
Just here to figure out what life for the humans is like.
Will probably try draw on your skin with a nice sharp blade, but that shouldn’t be a problem. I hear scarification is all the rage nowadays and I promise to make it to your liking.

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Bored af whose around?
Mood: bored
1  Jun 4th 2023 00:09

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Perfect, taking a mini trip for this date <3
Apr 9th 2023 14:52

I’m taking you on a date. Get ready.
Apr 9th 2023 00:11

you’re mine
Apr 8th 2023 23:34

Lucian couldn’t help but let the smirk possess his lips ,listening to the tone of submissive yet ruling persuasion. “Daddy is a start.” He hissed in a sexual undertone. The fairly tall demon caressed the c*ck of the other, giving soft strokes before slipping his slender jointed fingers in between Chris’ skin and fabric, the only thing standing in Lucian’s way. A firm grip kept on the young demons throat whilst a glimpse of a richly gold fluttered in Luces eyes. “Are you going to be a good boy for me and suck my c*ck?” He asked his voice darkening when he pulled away from the kiss with yearning as his c*ck hardened in the young demons hand. “For as much as you run your mouth..”he paused, taking hold of the demons c*ck and stroking slowly, his eyes rolling back with a deep inhale to follow. Lucian’s wings sprung out as they usually did with his arousal flinging them two of them into wall that hadn’t been there before. “It’s needs to be filled.” Lucian finally continued, landing his deprived lips back to their tension filled kiss.
Apr 5th 2023 01:54

The elder demon snuck up behind the well built demon boy he’s had an obsession with, only to reach around him gripping his throat firmly and nipping his neck. “Hello lovely..”he hummed in a darken tone as he pulled him closer to his body, letting his other hand travel.
Apr 4th 2023 09:50

Thank you
Apr 3rd 2023 20:16

Don’t be like that. You love spending with me.
Apr 3rd 2023 20:08

Apr 3rd 2023 19:55

Mar 29th 2023 21:58

right here right now, pierce them
Mar 29th 2023 17:12