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(Delicious Demon)
22 / Female / In a Relationship
Not going to answer , Netherlands
Hello and welcome to my Profile Am a 21 years old girl that loves to Roleplay almost everything you’re free to add if you want to Roleplay with me BUT remember YOU add me YOU talk first. - The Owner of this Account.

Fact: If I don’t respond it have many reasons cause i have also a life
1 - I don’t like your Roleplay and it’s getting bored (But i will send you a message if this is the reason)
2 - I work or have a have something important on a day so stay calm and wait until I replied
3 - Yes i am also in a Relationship 4 years already it is okay that i can Roleplay with others that his word

What do i Roleplay:
1 - I Roleplay video games like Detroit Become human
2 - I do Tv shows
3 - I can also do Oc i love doing Oc characters cause being a character that is already there and I don’t know how they act like so yeah.

Making friends is fun so yeah am also fun ~(^◇^)/

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I wish someone could Roleplay with me Ash vs Evil dead Roleplay
0  13 hours ago

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Brendan asked the question
Q. Hi
A. Hello
 Oct 7th 2020 11:56

Q. How do you like the Rp so far.
A. I really love it ^~^ playing two characters the same time makes it more fun how do you think about it ?
 Sep 20th 2020 06:16

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Hi there, DeliciousDemon! Now that you're online again, wanna continue our roleplay from 22 days ago? It's your turn to reply, you know.
Oct 11th 2020 12:25