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(Ethan Clark)
117 / Male / Forever Alone
Minnesota - United States
Btw if I add it you it means I am interested in your roleplay) Just looking for roleplay I'm on all day and almost all night Auto accept is on.
My name is Ethan and I am mostly here to roleplay and get to know people feel free to talk to me ooc as well as I am very open and welcoming. My roleplays are oc baised but I can play canon characters if need be. I don't have much rules besides don't be a jerk all right thanks!!

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Can we get some grilled cheese and soup for a certain sick person I know
3  Dec 7th 2022 18:26

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Red_Hell asked the question
Q. You realize it says my her academia right?
A. I have fixed it!
 Mar 27th 2022 03:49

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Sorry i was bathing my cat Bean and then taking a shower myself lol
15 hours ago

*giggles and hugs you* yay a friend!
Dec 8th 2022 01:09

*trips over a randomly spawned rock and faceplant with and loud squeak of pain*
Dec 8th 2022 01:04

*fake screams as i continue running away giggling*
Dec 8th 2022 00:57

Hehe! You'll never catch me! *runs away like a cartoon character being chased by a scary ghost*
Dec 8th 2022 00:54

*chucks a snowball at your head*
Dec 8th 2022 00:47