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22 / Male / Single
Iowa - United States
Hello! My name is Izuku Midoriya, but you can call me Deku! I'm the new number one hero! I trained at UA under the guidance of ALL MIGHT!! And worked my way up the ranks to the number one spot! I hope to become great friends and allies! *Bows*

Now onto myself. I'm a Hufflepuff. I work full-time as a third shift mental health professional in a residential care facility. So if you're struggling with any sort of mental illness, you do not have to explain your actions to me. I understand! I myself struggle with depression and anxiety, it's a common thing with our generation! :3 so no worries! I get it!
I'm on and off because of work so if I don't reply for a while just know I will get to it.

(Ships: tododeku, bakudeku, todobakudeku, honestly anyone with

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I'm free to rp now if you like.
Feb 15th 2019 13:14

Hope we can rp.
Feb 12th 2019 10:59