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(Park Jae-Young)
20 / Male / Single
Seoul, Korea (South)

            ✣✣✣✣    ✣✣✣✣
            PARK JAE-YOUNG

       ┋ just a uni student who loves to have fun ┋
    ┋ sassy little sweetheart at times, down to earth dude┋
   ┋ trans boi who adores cuddles, give me your affection pls ┋
     ┋ crime, drama, conspiracy theories? i love that sh*t ┋

Latest Status

Me: I'm a vegetarian

Also me: But d*ck is the only meat I'll have.
3  15 hours ago

Latest Questions

Coroner asked the question
Q. Hey beautiful
A. Hello, baby
 May 18th 2019 18:41

Coroner asked the question
Q. Hurry then
A. I'm coming, I'm coming.
 May 17th 2019 15:04

Latest Comments

Hii~ I'm Kim Jisoo :) Thanks for accepting the add, hopefully we can be friends one day
May 14th 2019 12:11