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(Dean Winchester)
28 / Male / Forever Alone
Salem, Oregon - United States
The road so far…

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Kurt chortles, puffing out his nose as he lulls his head to face Dean, then back towards the elevator as they waited. Hearing about how he didn't really appreciate his fans, it struck him. He turns his nose up and furrows his brows in judgement. Kurt doesn't know how people really could talk down about the people that make them who they are. The people that add the value to their name, their face, their life. "Y-You, uh, you shouldn't talk down about your fans." Shakes it off, rolling his shoulders. It's like he had to shed off the layer of skin the others behaviour just peeled under.

Nods silently as Dean enforces the law, fingers fluttering and Kurt drops his attention to the floor. When this sh*thead and the other sh*thead are mentioned again, Kurt can't contain his smugness as excitement brews within him, about to boil over-- but Kurt can't let that happen. He laughs again. Play it off, act like it's nothing. That's all he can really do. Afterall, people already think Kurt's some kind of retarded freak. No harm done, he thinks. Why not?

"Yeah, next victim... he'll know-- I-I mean, I'm sure he already does..." Kurt looks troubled again as he steps into the elevator, ushering Dean in impatiently and mashing the close-door button. "Well, you know... these hmm...these, like, types of people, y'know? They- they always get what's coming to them. If it's like, cus of some uh, 'paranormal activity'," he air quotes, "then the f***ing uh, poltergeist or whatever thinks so too. Right? Like. Hah, like Judgement Day or some sh*t? That's crazy!" He's amused, "but uh, not- not something anybody wants happening! It's kind of freaky to think about, actually. I like, have the shakes just THINKING about it!" Kurt shoves out his trembling hand in the others face. "A-And this? THIS isn't holy water. But, I mean, it just needs to be blessed right? You can do the honors." Kurt holds out his water bottle casually. He's got a weird, distraught expression on, but it's almost comedic.
Mar 19th 2022 02:44

All Kurt does is smile smugly with an odd masking, nonchalant behaviour. An anxious and upset look immediately takes its place, but only for a moment as Dean grabs his wrist. He scoffs, "uhhh...dude, you've got like, y'know, fans. These people re-recognise you anywhere. Trust me, I-I don't know a thing about you, but uh... PogsBunnie007 does." Kurt hushes his voice down even more, "d-don't worry man, I can keep a secret..."

Snatching his wrist back with a limp movement, Kurt shakes his head, flips his hands around awkwardly, "yeah, cool well Chuck." Looks at him like he knows something, "but seriously, this guy can't know my name either...pretty sure that, like... um, uh... someone I'm k-kinda close to is-- knows him."
Mar 13th 2022 04:33

Kurt quirks a brow and makes a skeptical, unsure face, "uhh, bloggers? On HIS side?" clearly, Kurt was a bit off-put, but shrugs it off. "Okay...I guess I can roll with that." Makes an agreeable face, but also looks like he's holding back his tongue. As far as assumptions go, Kurt really didn't care for this stupid screwhead they were going to see.

But as they enter the building, a smile grows on his face and his gaze to the floor.

"So Dean, no..." he leans in and whispers, "no aliases?" Kurt's attention snags on his phone as a silenced notif pops up obnoxiously on his phone screen. The message, about Dean. Kurt's eyes widen and his brows raise with interest, "aren't you like, known?" He says with a pushy emphasis, somehow, like he's prodding, leering in. "Dean Winchester. The guy who does all that..." he looks around carefully, "freaky ghost sh*t?"
Mar 12th 2022 20:25

"Block his number? Oh seriously, you think I haven't done that? Psh!" Kurt turns a corner into the parking lot, wobbling over speed bumps, the big wrapped crystal point hanging from his mirror swaying as they do. "My dad just gets a new number every time. Like, he will just find a way. Plus, he still lives in Azusa." Rolling to a smooth stop, Kurt puts the car in park, unbuckles himself and takes his keys out the ignition. "And, yeah, we're here. Let's go talk to this f***ing douchebag."

Kurt takes his phone and a plastic waterbottle with him as he steps out his car and closes the door behind him, waiting for Dean to get out before he locks it. His phone vibrates before a loud notification comes through and an automated voice reads out 'Wow dude, you're embarrassing.' To which Kurt glances down with an annoyed look at the phone before muttering under his breath, "shut uhhhpp..." there's another as the voice reads again 'this is so boring, I'm gonna dip if something cool doesn't happen soon.' Kurt just responds quietly, "Bobby, I know, just, stick it out, okay?" He doesn't want to, but Kurt silences the notifs on his phone and gives Dean a look-- he's considerate enough to not butcher this opportunity with his devices. "All good, I-I turned it, we going inside?" Slips his phone in his front jean pocket.
Mar 8th 2022 16:47

"Co-Come-- come WITH?" Kurt stammers with disbelief, echoing the question back and checking the rearview for confirmation. There's no way he was just invited to go see this scumbag of a guy. It put a gleefully intrigued look on his face, "pffsh- YEAH, I'll come with!" with the notion alone, Kurt seems to gradually pickup speed on the road, but not enough to be recklessly fast-- just eager.

Minutes pass and suddenly there's a ringing coming from his phone and he lets out a harsh sigh. He swipes ignore once, twice, three times until he is finally forced to answer. "Dad! Stop- d-don't call me! I told you not to call me when I'm in my Spree window!" his dad responds with exclamations and retorts, but something in his voice sounds desperate and exaggerated, especially as he grills Kurt about how he's been Spreeing for more than 24 hours straight again. "DUDE You're gonna make me sound like a-a FREAK or something! Since you're like, NOT THERE, I'm forced to grind to look after mom and myself! Now STOP CALLING ME." And with that, Kurt hangs up on his dad heartlessly. There's no more calls. Not even texts and Kurt is blinking and biting back the bitter hatred.

"Dean, listen man, I'm-- I'm so sorry about that. Y'know, my dad does that whenever he-- whenever he like, f***ing feels like it and it's SO... like? Just bullsh*t y'know? But man, I just- I can't apologise enough for that, that was like, just super embarrassing. I'm just wondering now like, what- what can I do to make it up to you?" Kurt puffs and huffs and rubs his face. Can't get over how lame this is and how he probably won't be recommended for this, with a low rating to boot and no tip. He can see it. He can smell it. Feel it in his bones, especially when that's the last thing to happen before they roll up to the destination.
Mar 7th 2022 07:43

The sarcasm in Dean's voice barely even licked Kurt; it went right over his head. Instead of changing it like anyone might anticipate from a comment like that, Kurt merely smiled while turning up the volume more. "I know right!" Even as he smiles, he makes a big 'oh' face, the big reveal of realisation and having mistaken the other. "Oh. Yeah. Right." Nods, his weirdness seemingly subsiding as he put on a friendly demeanor. "I mean like, sh*t happens! N-Not everyone is a...uh, a bad guy. But this one you're going to see, he um..." Kurt trails off as he concentrates on the road, navigating the confused and idiot drivers. He barely curses under his breath as he honks in confusion, but it has no hostility. Kurt isn't one to get road rage. But he couldn't deny for every one good driver, there were a million idiots that they shared the road with. "um, he- he is. Heh hah." Thoughtlessly chuckles. "So like, when we get there, do you liiiike.... want me to wait around for you or like, stay in the area or something? I can totally wait for you-- no biggie. I mean, y-you have my info and stuff if you need me anyways, right?"
Mar 6th 2022 05:42

"Oh man," Kurt flicks his hand up again, "that sucks. Its almost like dads just... possess this like, ha-hand book on how to not, uhh, not be good f***ing dads." He rumbles with a pitiful laugh.

"Yeah," Kurt twists to speak, to emphasise his point as he loudly blurts out "drugs!" Shaking his head, he sits back around in his seat. "Out here making f***ing junkies, dude. It's vuh--v-VILE." All he does is nod when the guy declines his offer, "Yeah worries so long as you're good back there. Maybe you wanna...wanna listen to some music?" Without a yes or no, Kurt is already turning up the volume on his stereo. It's not obnoxiously loud, but it's something, as his own songs fills the car with mediocre electronic music.

"This is hype right? I think this goes HARD." He glances into the rearview mirror with an excited grin, looking for his passengers reaction.
Mar 5th 2022 18:25

Oh, yeah, sorry. L.A. You kinda get used to crazy driving. -He sputters a laugh, shakes his head and throws up a hand carelessly. Kurt's a safe, defensive driver who does 'crazy' well. He's used to obeying the commands of his passenger's who are always ready to give him a one-star rating if he didn't immediately drop and roll for them.- And, yeah, my dad's a deadbeat loser.

-There. He said it. Just like that. But talking about his dad makes him a bit haywire.- Y'know, the kind that leaves his kid to be the man of the house and p-puh preTEND? To like? Be there? Ha. Yeah. F***ing, like... worldstar dad right there!

-Kurt's face tenses like he's holding back, but he looks more resentful than anything else, even as he blinks back the stinging in his eyes, swiping his fringe out of his face. When he's asked about that guy, he looks over to Dean-- an unusual smirk grows on his face and he slowly looks back to the road.- Ohhh yeah, sure. Can't say personally, but I'm prreetty sure he's also some kind of, like, Like? How messed up is that? You know what that tells me? That he's a massive TOOL."

-The car rolls to a smooth stop when they get to a stop sign, carefully looking around before rolling around a corner.- Maybe like, ten more minutes. You good? Wanna, like, stop anywhere? Hit a drive-thru, get a frappe maybe? Y'know, for your meeting.
Mar 4th 2022 21:20

Wow, -Kurt can hardly believe it, why couldn't he have something like that with his dad?- that's uh...that's a lot of, -he hesitates, swallowing down the taste of envy- love. Pffsh, my dad just has some sh*t-smelling hunk of crap. Not even. That thing breaks down so much he's always asking me for a ride. Like, just get a new car, freak. -Chuckling even though he's casually ripping on his dad. He doesn't even realise how hard that sting of hatred plays on his words.

He playfully smacks the steering wheel and rolls his shoulders, hearing the apology.-

Nah dude, d-do-don't sweat it! Seriously, we're good, all g-good... -Has to clear his throat as his voice catches before a curious hum strums out when he's handed a piece of paper. Looms over at it and looks back to the road before taking it.-

Oh sh*t. -Kurt breathed in surprise before making a sharp turn, having been heading the wrong direction prior- this place? Y'know, the guy who runs it is a real scumbag.
Mar 3rd 2022 14:35

-It was unexpected how quickly his Prius door swings open, it practically sways the car, likewise when it's slammed shut. Kurt's taken back by the guy's behaviour and it's obvious by the way he warily leans away with confusion and a hint of hurt. His brown eyes slowly widen, brows furrowing and mouth partly slacked, almost anxiously as he looks a little 'slow.' Takes the pick out of his mouth and chucks it out the window.

Kurt looks mopey, hates feeling like he's an easy target. Like he's too nice. His victimhood of being bullied shows as he hangs his head and accepts what this guy is dishing.

It takes him a bit to process the others upset, but he just shakes his head and hesitantly starts the car, resenting the rough start. He didn't want to have another weird, awkward aggressor in his car-- he just finished resolving the issue with the last guy.

Huffs before speaking.-

Huh...Yeah, just like, don't t-take it out on the driver...or my car. I mean, but, like, if that was my car, -He gestures to the Impala and gives an empathetic look before easing back onto the road.-

I-I I'd be pretty pissed too.

But still, just-- I... juuust paid this thing off. So, like, -he pats the dash- treat her well?
Mar 2nd 2022 13:35