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Latest Questions

Q. WhY DID YOu ChanGe YoUR nAME?!?!
A. Im was in the middle of changing it back it back and no reason.
 Mar 30th 2016 13:12

Fears asked the question
Q. Why the fuck are you Madara..but have an Obito theme? xD
A. XD because. Obito was Madara ? XD
 Jan 19th 2016 17:18

Latest Comments

Hopefully you won't eat me :D pleasure to meet you, and I hope we can roleplay together soon as well.
Feb 3rd 2016 04:56

Yeah, I think it's going well so far. :P
Jul 21st 2015 10:00

Its weird
Jun 3rd 2015 15:38

For some reason its not sending the message
Jun 3rd 2015 01:52

Would you be willing to dicuss one in messages tonight?
Feb 7th 2015 00:13

I thank you for accepting my request. I do hope we chat/roleplay sometime soon.
Feb 7th 2015 00:12