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15 / Female / Single
The story of my main OC - Angelica.
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Special abilities: teleporting
Home: Liusaidth. That's the town where she lives. Basically there is a pretty nice place, with magical houses and only Deadly
Angels like her and their friends/pets live there. The houses are either dungeons(bigger) or caves(smaller). Angelica lives in a dungeon.

Angelica is a teen-aged girl, who has the magical ability of teleporting. She is an angel, but her kind is deadly...
She can fight either with arrows, fists or whatever weapon she has near her.
At first sight, normal humans will think she is just a normal and cute-beautiful girl, other creatures will think she is beautiful, but they will be suspicious about her intentions. Angelica has blonde hair and very crystal blue eyes.
She likes talking to people/creatures and making new friends, except of the ones that want to threaten her or kill her... :)
How she was born:
Her kind, the deadly angels are born in a mix with a real angel and a demon. Most of the times a sort-of-good-demon. You may be like "Woah? A good demon? What on Earth!" But yeah. Angelica's kind is rare.
Her mother Athina and her father Lumos met at the war between heaven and hell. They escaped it and went to live on Earth.
They made Angelica into the future town, where Angelica will live, called "Liusaidth". It wasn't even a thing yet, there were only a few caves, that no one lived in, so Athina and Lumos took one for free. When Angelica was 2 years old, God and Satan found them and killed Athina and Lumos, but left Angelica. She grew up with two unicorns taking care of her. When she was 10 years old, both unicorns were old. They gave Angelica an ability to teleport before they died and left her some food and clothes. Then after a year she got a letter that she was accepted to Hogwarts. The magic school that she always dreamed to go in. She was so excited! But how will she pay and get all the stuff she needed? Exactly! The Magicians and Witches' bank. She got some money, bought a wand, an owl and other things she needed like spellbooks.
Basically after that she learnt to shoot with arrows, who she enchanted to never end and always stay with her and her crossbow. Voldemort is searching for her nearly every day since she is one very powerful 'witch' and he wants to beat her, so she learnt many self-defence spells, fighting spells, Angelica also learnt boxing and other fighting sports. Many times she had to survive in random and weird locations, where nobody lived or passed by.

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If anyone is up for a roleplay, then message me :)
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