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(Maggie Rose)
21 / Female / Single
California - United States
“Do you promise not to hate me too?”

⋫ Maggie Lynn Rose ⋪
⊱ Model ⊰
⌈ Cosmetology ⌋

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I look innocent but im really not.
6  Feb 14th 2019 12:09

Latest Questions

LucasM asked the question
Q. Guess what?
A. What baby?
 22 hours ago

Latest Comments

*he smirked* nah it's all you baby
Feb 12th 2019 13:22

*he kissed her lightly* f*** you're beautiful
Feb 12th 2019 12:59

*he ran up to her, and hugged her tight*
Feb 12th 2019 11:02

I'm here babe!! Come here
Feb 12th 2019 09:23

Kinda just wonna smother you in kisses, and tell you how much I adore your presence
Feb 11th 2019 23:20