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(Vingaleese Cherry)
25 / Female / Single
Vingal Moxariat - Redburg - France
An ex S.C.A.R Pryde female from the land of the Moxariat.

Gowk'an visitor call me Cherry, its nice to meet you. What may I do for you? Would you like to embark on an adventure together or simply relax with some slice of life stories? I'm sure we can decide upon something nice together. So what's my deal? I play video games, watch anime, sometimes go explore the world and pay for both my deaths and taxes. I'm a simple ex Inkspotted bat bitch out there that wants to forget her PTSD & live a once again normal life. We'll see how all that bloody goes.

Not gonna lie, I prefer females to males but that's just me. I don't carry extra nor am I a sub. Do whatever you want with those info's.

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