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Specific RP OC 3

House Arden

Noble House created for a specific RP.

Noble House: House of Arden
Crest: Single rose on a decorated circular shield
Species: Fairies
Head of House: Stephan Arden (49, Alive)
Other Members: Amelia (wife, deceased), Cassius (22, son, alive, next in line), Emile Arden (18, son, alive), Camille Arden (17, daughter, alive), Ariela Arden (15, daughter, alive), unnamed relatives (other Kingdoms)
General Appearance: Humanoid, ivory skin, tall, slender, wings (can appear/vanish on command), light brown hair, dark brown irises
General Clothing: Light blue & silver aesthetic, long and flowy garments, flower wreaths, silver & sapphire jewelleries with flower designs
General Abilities: Nature manipulation, light magic, flight
General Weapons: Swords, daggers
General Weaknesses: Dark magic
General Strengths: Nature, sunlight
Basic Information: The Ardens are close friends of the Harcourts. Despite their differences in species, they both share similar magical abilities and hatred against those they deemed ‘lesser.’ That, plus Stephan and Vincent’s friendship since the early days of their childhood made the two houses natural allies. Similar to their fathers, Cassius and Cecil were close childhood friends, but they later drifted apart. Although there has been a few burst of rivalries between the two households, as they both saw their own species as superior, it never really led to anything serious. Both houses haven't been keeping in touch for the last several months, due to how busy things got. The Ardens are known for their intelligence and peace, and they work hard to keep their reputation relatively clean. The family members get along pretty well with each other. Amelia was particularly closer to the children than Stephan, but Stephan did try his best to keep at least a positive atmosphere when he can, especially after the death of his wife.
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