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Ah, but faith isn't strong enough ;)
Apr 28th 2021 12:06

I'll believe it when I see it small Jesus ;)

or do I, too, have to rely on faith?~
Apr 26th 2021 23:57

How's baby Jesus doing?~ ;)
Apr 26th 2021 23:33

Thank you so much <3
Mar 13th 2021 10:58

Ahh, thank you! I’m loving the roleplay so far <3
Mar 9th 2021 19:21

Come on whenever you can and I'll be sure to give you the release you need ;)

Okay! Sounds perfect! Bye, handsome! <3<3
Feb 19th 2021 02:53

I better be your favorite! I didn't work this hard for nothing, handsome ;)

I am on pretty much all day. 2:44am for me as of right now... You're keeping me awake~ though I don't mind it! I generally get up at 9-10am and sleep at 12pm. I should definitely be on from 9am through 2:30pm, but I also have work to do, so I must got at 3pm and come back at 8 for the rest of the night ;) You?
Feb 19th 2021 02:46

I'M THE TURN ON? Have you met yourself, James? You're seriously a God put on earth. And that member of yours is Jesus in and out of itself ;)

Discord might work! It's much easier to access...

I can't believe you want to contact out of this website ;) you make me feel so special! I love having this impact on you... I could get used to this!
Feb 19th 2021 02:29

Me too- I'd want it everywhere. Just keep saving it up, handsome!

Aww! You're so adorable!! ^-^

Sadly, I do not ): I have yet to get it. You should come online more often... or I could download it so we could hit it off more ;)
Feb 19th 2021 02:12

Wish I could clean it up~ off your body and your bed... but then we'd just make another mess! :D

I could ask you the same thing! Left me hanging for quite some time, James... I just hope you'll stay grateful for my Jesus handlings ;)
Feb 19th 2021 01:55