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OC: Violet Abbot

❧ Basic Information

Name: Violet Abbot

Age: 20

Sexuality / Pronouns / etc: Omnisexual (She / her)

Height Weight 5’5 110 pounds

Character description: Neck-length dyed purple hair, green eyes, extremely thin, pale skin,

❧ Family Information

Violet's father is George Abbot, a multi-millionaire who runs multiple overseas businesses including restaurants, food manufacturers, and farms. She doesn’t have a good relationship with him or her mother Regina, as they both are ashamed of her.

❧ Jobs

Violet can be:

A housewife
Low paying jobs

❧ Personality + History

Core Traits: Disturbed, Shy

(Trigger warning: Disturbing content, proceed with caution)

From all outward appearances, Violet had quite a normal childhood. She seemed like a quite cheerful, friendly, and outgoing girl. However, behind closed doors, she was dealing with physical and mental abuse from her father. He wanted her to be the perfect daughter, and nothing seemed to make him happy. As she got older she started withdrawing, and while she was still friendly, she wasn’t the same cheerful child anymore.

She took solace in the internet in her teenage years, and the people she met took advantage of her, and she got wrapped up in things she shouldn’t have. She ended up on the darker side of the web, watching disturbing videos, finding herself aroused by rough and brutal scenes of S8x and the like. She started developing fantasies of her own and ended up down a rabbit hole that she never should have gotten into. She knew it was wrong, and she felt ashamed of herself for these desires and did her best to keep them hidden.

Even after being as perfect as she could, there was a distance between her and her parents, and Violet could never live up to their expectations. They had her life planned out, going to college, finding a smart and wealthy man to marry, and having him take over her father's business. But after her first semester of college, she dropped out without her parents knowing, packed up some of her things, and ran away. She didn’t want to live the life they had planned out for her.

Violet presents as a very friendly and kind person, treating people with respect even when they are rude to her. Her few friends would say that she is shy, and it takes a while for her to come out of her shell, but even they don’t know the kinds of things she takes an interest in. Violet avoids almost all sorts of affection, friendly or romantic, finding its easy for her to spiral into old habits that she so desperately avoids.

❧ Strengths

Touch starved

❧ Likes

❧ Dislikes
Her parents
Her obsession
The cold
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OC: Dr. Sibyl Damaris

❧ Basic Information

Name: Dr. Sibyl Damaris

Age: 26

Race: Descendant of the Kolas (Deer / Human Hybrid)

Sexuality, Pronouns, etc: (She / They) Pansexual

Sub / Switch / Dom: Switch

Height / Weight: 5’9 130 pounds

Character description: Brown hair in a bob style, Orange / Blue eyes, Antlers that protrude from her hairline, the right tips of her antlers are an icy blue, while the other side is fire orange, matching the colors of her eyes. She has human skin, however, she has white circles all over her back, matching that of a deer's pattern. She has two moles that sit an inch above the corners of her mouth.

❧ Family Information

(Depending on the RP this is subject to change)

The descendants of the original Kolas are scarce, and after her mother died in her early teens she doesn’t know about any other family she may have. As her bloodline has become more human than deer, it may be difficult for her to find family.

❧ Jobs

Possible jobs include:


❧ Personality + History

Core Traits: Inquisitive, Flirty, Intelligent, Closed Off

Sybil is the descendant of Kolas, a man that was supposedly a monstrous being that resembled both human and deer. He lived for hundreds of years, terrorizing humans and creatures alike. He passed hundreds of years ago, leaving behind bloodlines that faded over time. Sybil’s ancestors mixed with more human linage, evolving to have more human features like furless skin and walking on two feet. As far as Sybil knows she's the only descendant of Kolas left, but after hundreds of years who really knows just how many other bloodlines he left behind.

She took a liking for medicine early in her life, always trying to play doctor as a kid, so it only made sense that she focused all of her time and energy studying medicine and magic. She worked as a doctor for many years, treating patients and gaining more experience, but now she wants to focus more on research. She wants to learn more about people, develop medicines, and run experiments, her naturally curious nature fueling this desire.

Sybil is quite friendly, greeting most people with a friendly smile or some flirtatious comments. She can get along with almost anyone, and she has a bad habit of getting along too well with people, ending up in bed with more people than she should. She can be quite seductive when she wants to, charming people and leaving behind a trail of broken hearts.

However, it isn’t often that Sybil takes the time to get close to somebody, allowing them into her heart. Even with her friendly nature, she's always been closed off, never getting into relationships or even having close friendships.

Besides being proficient with medicine and healing, she also has the ability to use magic, specializing in fire and ice magic, which seem to originate from the antlers on her head. She is physically strong as well, however she doesn’t have much fighting experience.


Closed off
Smart mouthed

❧ Likes

Being Idle

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OC: Belladonna

(Not a Harry Potter OC)

❧ Basic Information

Name: Belladonna

Age: 19

Sexuality/ Pronouns: Bisexual (Woman Lean) She/Her

Height / Weight: 5’4 110 pounds

Character Description: Long red hair, Reddish Pink eyes, Dainty hands and fingers, her nails are almost always painted black. She bears the mark of the witch which is a sigil burned into her sternum. Very charming and all smiles on the outside

❧ Family Information

As far as she knows her mother was a witch just as Belladonna is. But was raised by an old woman who she always called Teacher. She always tried to have a motherly relationship with her, but Teacher always kept her at arm's length.

❧ Jobs

Belladonna can be:

❧ Personality + History

Core Traits: Deceptive, Cunning, Indifferent

Belladonna doesn’t know where she came from, the only person that has been consistent in her life was Teacher. Teacher is an old woman who raised Belladonna, teaching her the ways of being a witch. However, Teacher was morally grey with how she taught Belladonna, having her dabble in black magic, demons, and everything of the sort. While Teacher didn’t have her learn how to be good, she didn’t specifically teach her how to be bad either.

As Belladonna grew up, she came to realize that there was a better market for black magic, as most witches were prosecuted for using it. She spent most of her time studying it in her free time, making it her specialty over the years. However, she has a bad habit of taking risks without weighing the possible outcomes, and it has put her in a few dangerous situations over the years.

Belladonna is quite cunning, appearing as a cheerful and bright girl, making it almost impossible to make people suspect her of any wrongdoings. She doesn’t purposefully set out to hurt anybody with the spells she does, or the potions she sells, but she doesn’t actively try to help people either. In the end, she doesn’t care as long as she is being paid for her services. In a way, she doesn’t even see using black magic as wrong, since she's only the vessel to move the magic through.

❧ Strengths
Proficient with magic

Physically weak
Morally grey

❧ Likes
Black Magic

❧ Dislikes
Lawful good people
Authority figures

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OC: Moira Davenport

❧ Basic Information

Name: Moira Davenport (Work / Nickname is Athena)

Age: 24

Race: Human

Sexuality/ Pronouns/ Etc: Bisexual (She/They)

Height / Weight: 5’8 140 pounds

Character description: Long blonde hair, Light brown eyes that almost seem golden, thick callouses on her hands and feet, short broken nails from biting them. Many different scars litter her body from fighting over the years,

❧ Family Information

Moira was an only child, she had a good relationship with her mother and father until they both died during one of their work missions, which made her quite bitter for many years.

❧ Jobs

In past RPs her jobs have been
Monster Hunter

❧ Personality + Some History

Core Traits: Impatient, Cold, Withdrawn, Protective

Moira’s parents were both Monster Hunters, from the moment she was able to walk and talk she was being trained to take on the same job as her parents. She was taught to hate every monster, no matter if they were a pacifist or cold-blooded murderers. This hate would be what motivated her to do her best, excelling at everything from hand-to-hand combat, to proficiency with guns and other weapons. By the time she was a teenager, she was just as capable as her parents, if not more. However, when she was 18 years old both of her parents were tragically killed while out on a hunt, which only made her hate grow.

However, years later on a hunt gone wrong, she was saved by one of the very things she hates. She was taken in, battered, bleeding, and almost unconscious by something that wasn’t human. When she woke she found her wounds to have been sewn, cleaned, and bandaged, as well as a glass of water left next to her. She was then taken care of by a woman for the next few days, however, the stranger never once spoke to her, only smiling in response to Moira’s anger, which eventually fizzled out once she realized what was happening. She was left confused, struggling to understand her own morals when it comes to monsters. That was the first time she had never tried to kill a monster, and once she was healed she left, leaving the woman who healed her to her own devices.

After that, her perspective on Monsters changed, and she couldn’t continue the life that she lead before. While she is still a hunter, she only went after the ones that she deemed “Bad”. She knows somewhere in her heart that she has no right to decide who should live or who should die, but she chooses to ignore that for the sake of her own life, as this job is all she has ever known.

Moira is quiet, spending most of the time fading into the background instead of being the star of the show. When she does speak everything is calculated, never letting her emotions get the best of her in any situation. It takes a long time for her to open up to anybody, as she hasn’t had hardly any experience in that area. She doesn’t have any friends or family to rely on, spending all of her time alone, hunting, or training. She finds it easier to be alone, with her job anybody close to her could be at risk. But she also doesn’t know how to make friends, and wouldn’t know where to start when it comes to letting people in. If somebody were to get close to her, she would be fiercely protective of them, to the point that it might even be considered suffocating. She would need somebody who can handle her intensity and help show her how to be a good friend / lover

Proficient at fighting

Difficulty with expressing emotions
Short with people
Mild god complex

❧ Likes

❧ Dislikes

What she views as evil
People without any morals

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OC: Kazimir Turner

❧ Basic Information

Name: Kazimir Turner

Age: 24

Sexuality/ Pronouns/ Etc: Bisexual (Male Lean)

Dom/Sub/ Switch: Switch (Sub Lean)

Height/Weight: 5’8 134 pounds

Character description: Shaggy black hair, green eyes, dark eye bags, apathetic stare, slim frame, healed self-harm scars up and down his arms, always covered up

❧ Family Information

Mother: Gave birth to him when she was 18, they didn’t have a great relationship when Kazimir was younger as she was still young and he was causing trouble. Now that he's older their relationship is still rocky, but he still holds some resentment towards her.

Father: His father was from Russia, traveling all across the world and he eventually met Kazimir's mother. They had a summer fling, but once he found out she was pregnant he took off and hasn’t been seen since. The only thing he knows about his father is that they have the same last name

Step-Father: Indifferent, he treats his mother and his younger half-siblings well, so he really doesn’t care.

Step Siblings: He has two half-siblings Ace and Opal who are much younger than him. Out of all his family, he likes them the most, though he doesn’t show it as much as he should.

❧ Jobs

Possible Jobs:

❧ Personality

Core Traits: Apathetic, Reckless, Self Destructive

The perfect word to describe Kazimir is Apathetic, though he wasn’t like this his entire life. He was a happy child, rambunctious, full of energy, his mother could hardly keep up with him. He was very athletic, part of the track team as well as the soccer team (American Soccer). While he wasn’t a straight-A student he was still quite intelligent and never struggled much until he got older.

As a teen he started to decline mentally, starting off small with pretending to be sick from school, not turning in homework on time, becoming more reserved. As time went on he only got worse, skipping school, getting into fights, failing many of his classes. He started to hang around who would be considered the “bad crowd” doing things like smoking, drinking, drugs, having sex, etc. His mother didn’t realize the extent of what was happening with Kazimir, thinking that he was just rebelling as a teenager, as she did. TW: It wasn’t until she walked in on him hurting himself with a blade, seeing the wounds up and down his arms that she took it seriously. But even though his mom started taking him seriously, the doctors did not, saying that he was just a depressed teenager looking for attention, prescribing him some anti-depressants and calling it a day.

Now as an adult Kazimir isn’t doing much better, he's a functional alcoholic, smoking a pack a day while spending his nights roaming around different bars to find strangers to go home with. For the most part, he has stopped harming himself, finding other vices to use instead, though it wouldn’t take much to get him back into the habit. He has hardly any close friends, at most, it would be a co-worker or two, but even they don’t know much about him.

❧ Strengths
Quick learner



Fake people
Working too much
Judgemental people

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