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28 / Female / Single
Beacon hills, South Carolina - United States
Hey guys welcome to my profile my name is lydia Martin I'm from beacon hills and I'm looking forward to getting to know each and everyone of you now this is a teen wolf roleplay account but I do roleplay other stuff and I'm open for any kind of roleplay rather its romance, er*t*c, horror or action I'm up for it so feel free to add me I'll accept and I will never leave you on read and I always get back to everyone.

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I added her and she accepted. I messaged her “Hi!” And hasn’t responded to me for 2 months. Wouldn’t recommend roleplaying with this person.
Jan 9th 2021 10:45

love you sweet dreams xxx chat tomorrow xxx
Nov 22nd 2020 19:51

missing you
Nov 22nd 2020 18:52

dont stop now please help me finish
Nov 22nd 2020 16:44

You okay?
Nov 18th 2020 17:22