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(Aeurlia Draguar)
23 / Female / Single
Post Falls, Idaho - United States
Hello and welcome to my page <3

Some things about me:
I mostly rp nerdy type concepts or themes, some of which include: star wars, harry potter, anime in general, warcraft, GoT, etc.
I am always open to world build and do things from scratch. I honestly prefer that rather than playing as a character from that particular fandom. I change my character for every rp since one character can't just work for every rp imo.

I am fine with r18+ themes but I prefer there be development before and some actual plot. I am not a one night stand user so if that's you, please find someone else to pester.

I am a really nice and honest person. Please don't feel like you need to lie and say that you like where our rp is going. If you want things done a different way, just tell me and we can change things! I want our rp to be enjoyable for the both of us. I'm open to any ideas or concepts you have so please don't be afraid to share your ideas!

I also don't mind rping in first or third person, I know a good amount of people ask, just know that I will rp in the POV you start with if we don't talk about it before we start.

Just know that I will respect you if you respect me! Thank you for reading this. idk if this was helpful but if it was, I'm glad and let's get to rping soon <3

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