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26 / Female / Single
???, Japan
Hey there!
I'm just a random lurker who plays as a variety of characters and Monster cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card game from Konami.

However I mostly play as Dark Magician Girl!

I tend to do Er*t*c Roleplay.

If you message me I'll be out of character, unless you tell me to be in character otherwise.

I tend to do Er*t*c Roleplay. I'm bisexual so whatever you happen to do will be fine by me!
((If interested just message me with a starter or a discussion to set it up.))

But I also can do Action, Adventure, romance, fantasy, and other types or RP if asked. I also like a bunch of anime and have a unhealthy obsession with Yu-Gi-Oh so we can discuss stuff like that as well!

Also I only accept friend requests and RP suggestions from 18 and up.

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Q. How are u
A. Doing good!
Mostly just getting things set up!
 Jan 13th 2021 22:58

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