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(Wonshik Kim)
28 / Male / Single
Korea (South)
I see you've stumbled into my profile. Welcome~

Now that you've found the time to take a little peek in, why not stay for a little longer? It won't hurt, I promise~

I'm pretty much open to any kind of rp plots and I love discussing interesting storylines. And I'm very patient when it's about waiting for replies since everyone here has a life outside of rp.

So don't be shy and feel free to message me to get something going.

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Q. Here is a daily reminder that you are amazing, and don't you forget that!
A. Awww, you're so adorable dear <3
 Sep 25th 2021 19:42

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It should be no surprise, but you are my #mcm this week :) hope you are well. ^.^
Nov 15th 2021 11:02

i was joking but ill take the offer
Oct 3rd 2021 14:26

just to let u know im hungry
Oct 3rd 2021 14:01

>.< Well basically it stands for "Man crush Monday" where people can post pictures of men they find admirable, attractive, and/or are important to them. You are all three to me soooo yeah >///<

P.s. there is also a female alternative on Wednesdays, "Wcw". :D
Sep 20th 2021 13:43

I'm gonna make you my #mcm, is that okay oppa? ^.^
Sep 20th 2021 13:15

Hi there, don't mind me, I am just going to make a pillow fort here and claim a spot ^.^ Don't worry, I am a pillow fort professional!
Jul 25th 2021 10:14

nice too meet cha as well and will do same goes for you as well :D
Jul 19th 2021 17:18

Hi thank you so much for accepting my name is Skylar but my friends call me Sky XD
Jul 19th 2021 17:14